Friday, March 5, 2010

Lil Jermajesty

FINALLY! It's Friday. For whatever reason, I didn't think this week would ever end. Seriously. The slowest week ever.

The other day I talked about Lil Wayne's sentencing being delayed a day due to the courthouse fire. Well, Lil still isn't in jail. That will come Monday unless some other unbelievable something happens. Apparently, there was damage to the courthouse & they won't re-open until Monday. Things could get interesting. With his second last weekend of freedom it is not outside the realm of possibility that he does something else to get arrested for. We'll see.

The whole stun gun incident is still a big hoorah at the Jackson house. What I find more interesting is that someone would actually name their kid Jermajesty. I'm not kidding people. That is one of Jermaine's kids. Maybe he can be a rapper, Lil Jermajesty!!

Once again I'm not at the baseball game. You guessed it, too cold! I've said it a lot recently but I need some warm weather. I'd never make it living somewhere that is really cold, like Minnesota. When I say I want warm weather I don't mean August temps either. There's no need for it to be 50 or 100. Somewhere around 80 everyday would be ideal. Do you think Mother Nature reads my blog?? That's what I thought.

After work I met Dean at Brewbachers to eat. I love Brewbachers. "Back in the day" my friends & I frequented it at least once a week. Usually, after LSU games, both baseball & football. I like going before & after games because there's always a million people we know there & it's like a big party.

I caught up on some DVR stuff tonight that Dean isn't interested in. The mindless TV that I love so much! The season finale of Real Housewives of OC & the season premier of Real Housewives of NY were both on last night but after my bed time. Of all the Housewives shows I think OC is my favorite. Probably just because I love California so much & it's one place that I would love to live. The NY housewives was great! If you're not watching these shows you're missing out. I did have a revelation tonight while watching. Ramona is the female version of Vince Vaughn. Once her mouth gets going it's virtually impossible for her to zip it. Kelly was only on for a bit which makes me very happy. I DO NOT like that girl. I use the term girl loosely because I swear she's really a man. I'm sick to death of hearing "Countess". Get over yourself. I say if the Count divorces you, you're no longer a Countess. Anyway, so far Bethenny's still my favorite.

Look what I got.

I had a couple of coupons for JCPenney's & I've been needing/wanting a pair of black flats so I went to see what they had. They were $50 shoes on sale for $30. I had a 15% off coupon & then if you use your JCP card they gave you a scratch off for additional savings. I got another 15% off so I paid like $23 for them. Sounds like a deal to me! Now I just need to find some cute brown flats.

Night Night!

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