Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Football Players Don't Kill People

But they do get tased. Terrance Toliver, a starting Receiver for LSU, got in a fight Saturday night in the parking lot of a bar. He was cited for "disturbing the peace by fistic encounter; disturbing the peace by public intoxication and resisting an officer”. I've never heard the term "fistic encounter". Interesting. Then all the media outlets reported that he “refused to comply with officers’ commands and was tased.” I have questions. First of all, what exactly do you have to do to get tased? What commands didn't he comply with? Also, he was not arrested. He was only "cited". Please, please tell me how you manage to get tased but not arrested. Seems to me they should go hand in hand.

In more disturbing news, Scott Fujita is no longer a Saint. I'm glad I didn't buy that jersey. He's a Cleveland Brown now. They have awful uniforms. That's why I don't like professional sports as much as college. Your team becomes great, you start picking favorites, they win the Super Bowl & then they go & sign with someone else. I hate to see him leave. The Saints were a nice, non thug team. They didn't kill people or even get arrested. Hopefully, they won't replace him with a big loser thug.

Oh & before I go, Lil Wayne did go to jail today.



  1. I was kinda upset when I heard about Fujita, he seems like a great guy as well as an awesome player. Didn't hear that about Tolliever, it seems those boys just can't stay out of trouble! Hopefully they'll get their act together before football season.

  2. Unfortunately, I read about fistic encounter's all the time. Yea, that kinda sucks about Fujita. It will be interesting to see what happens with Toliver....