Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tutu's & Petit Fors

As usual the weekend has flown by. Saturday, I cleaned house. Really cleaned house. I did baseboards & mopped. Uggghhhh. I hated every minute of it. One good thing is it was a beautiful day so I opened all the windows. We had a surprise party to go to last night. Our friend Sandra was 40. We had a good time hanging out & eating. Here are the girls.

Here's Dean & I. Can't you tell he's thrilled with me taking pics of us. This was take 3!!

This is my new friend, Gilley.

He's our friends that hosted the party last nights dog. I've never been a fan of big dogs but he was just the sweetest thing! Maybe he sensed that I need a puppy. He sat by me for the longest time. It's got me thinking that maybe I need a cute little puppy for inside & a big dog for the backyard. Dean definitely won't go for that!!

Today I went to Mass & ran a few errands. This afternoon I went to my friend Wendy's baby shower. I've known Wendy for years & years & years & now me, Wendy & her hubby all work for the same company. Wendy is the "founder" of "The Worst Book Club Ever"! This is Allison, me, Wendy & Vicki. The cross looks like it's sitting on Vicki's head!

Little Emily Hope is due April 23rd. She's going to be one well dressed little girl! The outfits she got were soooo cute. Especially this one

This one is my favorite.

I love Wendy's expression. I was so busy trying to get her reaction that I didn't get the whole outfit. It's a white onesie with the Saints fleur de lis on it & the tutu goes on over it. Emily's daddy is a HUGE Saints fan. I can't wait to see her in it. Of course the best part of all showers is the food! These were soooo good!
We played Bingo with M&M's. This turned out to be a bit difficult. We kept eating the M&M's!

Of course they were pink!

It was another really pretty day so when I got home from the shower I sat on the patio with a glass of wine while Dean grilled. This was dessert.

Notice the Cadbury egg. Yep, I broke down when I was CVS today. They were on sale. I couldn't pass them up!!!!

Time for bed. Have a good Monday!!


  1. That looks like one fabulous shindig!

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