Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Relevant Cause I Don't Know

Today was another good start to the weekend. I had lunch with my friends at work Stan & Aaron at The Chimes. I've been craving crab cakes for several weeks & I was finally able to have them today. They were soooo good. Being Catholic in the South is never a sacrifice during Lent!!

After work I went to the mall. I need to pick up something for Logan for Easter. I can't show it here because his mom reads the blog & lets face it, he's 10 mos. old so it's as much a gift for mama as it is for Logan. I had some coupons for Penney's so I went to see what I could find. I got this cute Liz Claiborne top.

The color doesn't show up very good in the picture but it's purple. I can wear it to work or I can wear it with shorts or jeans. Very versatile. Regular price was $36 & by the time I used my coupons I got it for $16. I don't remember what brand this one is.

I think it's just a store brand but I thought it was so cute with the embellishments on the shoulders. It's a pretty blue coloer. This one was regular $30 & I got it for $10.50. Not a bad deal.

I went to Borders & picked up a couple of books. Once again I had a coupon, Border bucks & a gift card! After my shopping trip I was off to the big city of Watson for our book club get together. Watson is kinda far out but from the mall I'd say it's a 30 min. drive. Well, on a Friday evening it turns out to be an hour & 15 min. drive. Needless to say I was late. Lucky for me we're the worst book club ever so it doesn't matter. We had lots of good food, crab dip, cheese & these fabulous little pinwheels. I'd eaten two when I realized that what I was eating wasn't seafood. Yeh, it was bacon & ham. Hmmm. I didn't eat anymore & figured it was ok since I didn't realize what I was eating.

As usual getting together with this group leads to a lot of laughs. Like a whole lot. I think I laughed off all the calories I consumed. We did talk about books but somehow we always get off track. I'm not sure how it happens. We always start off so well & then BOOM! Someone is talking about "being Jewish or just Jew-ish?", someone else is commenting about someone being prettier from "the head up", someone says they "want to kill Nicholas Sparks because his books make you cry & cry & then drink because you've cried so much" & yes, someone did utter the phrase "It's Relevant Cause I don't Know". The next thing you know people are being recruited for a Yoga class. Very weird but very fun! This is Adrienne & Brea.

 This is me & Andrea. She's the funniest person I know & I would love to be her in my next life. You cannot be around Andrea without laughing yourself into a stupor. HI-LARIOUS!!!!!!

Here's a picture of Wendy. She has 3 weeks left until we all get to meet little Emily Hope. In the last 2 weeks Wendy all of sudden looks pregnant. Her entire pregnancy she hasn't looked but a teensy bit preggo & now look! It's the weirdest thing. She's very excited!

I'm going to bed now. I get to see Logan in the morning!!!

Nite Nite!


  1. HA HA -- I wouldn't tell Logan what his Tante got him for Easter.

  2. Wow, I look you know, HUGE!! Thank goodness.