Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preparing for St. Patrick's Day

Saturday is Baton Rouge's St. Patrick's Day Parade & I'm going with friends. I decided that I needed a cute shirt. I found exactly what I wanted online but really didn't think it made sense to pay $40+ for a St. Patrick's Day shirt just because it had Swarovski crystals on it. Oh, but it was cute! Yesterday at lunch I ran over to Charming Charlie's. I LOVE that store! They had some cute stuff but no St. Paddy's
Day. I did find this.

It was marked down to $15.00 which was 50% off. I got these too.

I don't have anything like them. I thought they were cute & they were marked down to $1.00. I couldn't pass that up!

A few people told me that Target had some cute St. Paddy's Day shirts so today at lunch I went to see. There were a couple of cute ones but this one was my favorite.

I wish the shirt was white but it was $5.00 so I'll deal with it! I couldn't believe it was so cheap. The shirt is kinda thick too. Not a typical $5 t-shirt. If anyone knows anywhere else that's selling cute shirts let me know. I'm not opposed to buying another one since this one was so cheap!!!


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