Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend!!

About 12:15 Wednesday I got my wish. The office closed! YAY! I went & ran a few errands & got my nails done. Dean got off a little early too. We always go to dinner the night before Thanksgiving. We went with out friends Cindy & Brad & Jackie, Dennis & their girls, Allie & Anna. We had a nice dinner. 

Cindy & I decided to do our own little Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. I needed to do something to offset all of that food we were going to have.

Post Trot Selfie! It was cold!

We did a total of 5.66 miles. I ran about 2.5 of those miles. Cindy wasn't feeling good so I ran to meet her & we walked & then I ran home. 

What better way to warm up on Thanksgiving after a run??

It was so good!! I bought the Winter Wonderland Pack from Bed, Bath & Beyond. The other flavors are Golden French Toast & Gingerbread. They're all really good. 

My parents & Dean's parents & grandma came over for Thanksgiving lunch. This was Scott, Lydia & Logan's year to spend the day with Lydia's family so it was pretty quiet. 

Thanksgiving night Jackie & Dennis came over to watch the LSU game. Jackie wanted to go to Walgreen's to do some shopping. HA! Off we went. 

Friday morning we were up early decorating. Well, Cindy & I were at Royal Standard because they had cute a door mat that I wanted. That was the extent of my shopping in a store on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. I did the rest of my shopping online & after going over my list this morning I realized that I'm almost finished!

When I got home Dean had my trees up ready to be fluffed & decorated. That took the majority of the day. I'm so incredibly slow. 

Saturday morning Cindy & I ran. 

I ran the whole 4 mi. & Cindy did some walking & running. She has longer to train for her race than I do. We run, she'll stop & walk some & I continue running & then turn around & run back to her & then she runs with me. If anyone's watching I'm sure we look ridiculous but it works. I really like having a running buddy.

After our run I had to go to Church to get things ready for our Giving Tree Ministry. Once I finished there I went with Jackie & her girls to my very first trip to Costco! I found some good deals. Once we finished there we went to Albasha for Greek food. The chicken schwarma salad was sooo good. I even tasted the gyro & it was good too. By the time I got home it was time to go back to Church for Mass & after that off to Jackie & Dennis' for burgers & to watch the Alabama Auburn game. Things were looking so promising for awhile & then everything fell apart for Auburn. Oh well!

Needless to say, I got zero decorating done Saturday so that means I spent the majority of Sunday decorating. No, I'm not finished. Seriously, I'm sloooooowwwww. 

A few weeks ago I bought a box of pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe's. Now, we all know I'm not a cook BUT I thought since it was in a box it couldn't be that hard. Well, last weekend I decided I wanted to make them. I read the directions & decided they were not easy, they were well above my pay grade. Dean was busy but he told me he'd make them for me another time. Sunday for dinner was that time.

They were soooo good! 

This morning I was up bright & early to run with Cindy. 

We knocked out 4 slow miles. 

How was Thanksgiving? Did y'all shop?


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  1. I am almost finished finally too. Just stocking stuffers and 2 small gifts left!! :) And I even have most of Cohen's bday presents, too!! I only shopped online. I don't fight the crowds!!