Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Eve!

I'm hoping the office will close early today. A lot of people are off so there's not much happening. I need to get my nails done & Cindy & I are planning to get a walk in. Trying to keep moving to off set the food that will be eaten tomorrow.  

I've been seeing all of the gift guides in the blog world & I thought I'd make my own little wish list. 

iPhone 6 

I've had a couple of iPhones but I've never had the latest model. Right now I have the 4S. It does the job but I'd love to have the new one. Not the big one just the regular 6. 

I love my Pandora bracelet. There are a few beads that I'd like. 

The running shoe & the Pinot Grigio are Chamillia beads & the others are Pandora. I have both brands on my bracelet now. 

Adjustable dumbbells

This may seem a little random but I've been using weights off & on for awhile & I love these because they're adjustable & you don't have to take a bunch of weights off. It's something to do with the case thing they're in. 

A milk frother

I don't know how well these things work but I'd love to be able to make a latte at home.

I've always wanted a car with a big bow for Christmas!

I have a nice car, it's only 3 years old, it has low mileage, blah, blah, blah but I miss my Expedition & would like a new one.

Then there's this!

Is that not the sweetest little face ever??? I'm pretty sure that face could make me forget about the Expedition. 

So basically this is more of a pipe dream list than a Christmas list. With the exception of the beads & maybe the milk frother........

What's on y'alls list?



  1. I have the iPhone 4 and it just stopped working for a few hours on Saturday. I think it is telling me it is time to go ahead and upgrade. ;)

    I need some new work pants and there's nothing else I can really think of??

  2. oooo we have a milk frother and i LOVE it! I always prefer latte's over coffee and it makes me feel like I'm drinking a latte!

  3. Oh, that puppy -- I'm not even a dog-person, but he is so cute. I might even give up my first-born for him -- hmmm.....yep, I would! We have the 5S, and it's amazing. I have a Braun frother, and it works amazingly well. I think you would really like it, Traci.