Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Many Fitbits Do You Have??

We currently have 2 in our household and neither are mine. I ordered Dean the Fitbit One for his birthday. For reference, his birthday was November 17. I don't enjoy dealing with lines or crowds or traffic. Plus, I do enjoy Ebates and getting cash back. Soooo on November 3rd I ordered the Fitbit from Target. I chose Target because the Fitbit's were the same price everywhere but there was more cash back to be had at Target. I've said before that I don't understand the love affair between everyone I know & Target. I'm less enamored than I was before & that's saying a lot. 

Here's the Fitbit.

I bought the One because it can be worn on your belt or in your pocket. Dean isn't a bracelet guy so I thought this was perfect. I received the email from UPS saying that I would receive my package on November 5th. It was being shipped from New Orleans. Yay! Easy Peasy!

The next day I checked the status & it shows that delivery would not be the 5th but the 9th & the package was in New Jersey. Geography isn't my strong suit but I do know that New Orleans is only 60 miles from Baton Rouge and New Jersey is much further. Clearly there was a problem. Well, to make a very long story not as long, every single day the status changed on UPS's website & the message "there was an error in sorting" (really????) & delivery was delayed a day appeared. Yet it was still sitting in New Jersey. After a few days I contacted UPS & they were absolutely no help. They would just tell me what I could see for myself on the website. I contacted Target & they told me it was a UPS problem & they couldn't do anything. Well, then I was mad so I took to Twitter! FYI - when you tweet a complaint to a company they generally respond & respond FAST! I got zero response from Target but UPS contacted me & I dealt with a very helpful girl who finally confirmed that my package was lost. She told me to contact Target so they could ship another one. Yeh, Target wouldn't do that. They called UPS & was told it wasn't lost. This went on for a couple of weeks & there were a lot of emails & phone calls. By this time Dean's birthday had came & went. I was so mad that I told Target I just wanted my money back. They wouldn't give it to me & said I would have to refuse delivery when the package arrived or return it to the store. Well, you can't refuse delivery or return something that HASN'T BEEN DELIVERED!  

At this point I was really furious. I ordered another Fitbit from Amazon. It was cheaper, no tax & there was a special Ebates cash back deal. I contacted UPS one more time & told them Target wouldn't do anything because of the status. The response I got was that there was "movement" on my package that day. Yeh whatever, believe it when I see it. The status changed & showed delivery would be November 26th. I was planning to call the credit card company & dispute the Target charge & let them deal with it. I decided to wait until the 26th & just see what happened. When I got home on the 26th there was the Fitbit I ordered 2 days before from Amazon. I don't even have Prime! Later that night when we got back from dinner the other one was by the front door. It's going back to the store Friday. I realize it was UPS's fault but I was not pleased with how Target handled it & nobody that I spoke with was helpful. They kept telling me if I didn't receive it to call back. 

Needless to say I don't forsee a lot of Target shopping trips in my future. 

If you shop online & don't use Ebates you're missing out. Here's a link



  1. Oh, I'm sorry! That really stinks. I love Target for lots of reasons. Our Targets (both of them) here in Chattanooga are big, clean, nicer than walmart, easy to maneuver and lots more registers open, they have the 5% back red card and their cartwheel app that has coupons, so the prices are much lower than WM, too. They have really good quality clothes, home d├ęcor, etc--mainly just bigger selection and better selection than Walmart. But it does stink that they weren't more helpful in your situation! I agree--ebates is great!!

  2. I had a similar experience last December with UPS. I had ordered a scarf from Charlotte Russe and it was sitting at the UPS facility 30 miles from my house for days. A seasonal employee had ripped the tracking label off. At that point they can no longer deliver it even though it still had my address on it. I had to make multiple phone calls and waste a ton of time talking to both UPS and Charlotte Russe to get my money back. I never got the scarf because UPS refused to deliver it even though one of the people I spoke to had my package in their hand!!! As you can tell I'm still mad about it.

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  4. That is so annoying! What is a fit bit anyway? I am glad you finally got it. I love Amazon....Christine

  5. Oh, I feel so bad...I've never had a problem like this but I did have issues with returning a rug to L.L. Bean. I thought it was free shipping on returns and in small print, it turns out that's the deal if you have their credit card! Ha. So it went from Chicago to Maine, weighed 3000 pounds and apparently both those things counted against me, not to mention re-wrapping the beast (8X10). $40.00 to return a $300.00 rug. That's crap. Then I called to ask when I would get the credit on my Visa and they said it could take 10 business days. Surprisingly, when I told them I wanted to re-order another size when I had the credit, I got an email later that day that I had been credited!!
    I love ordering online because I like a big selection. Target is enticing to me because it's kept neat, clean and well stocked. I think they have the "ambiance" down pat. But still, I'm savvy and I know that is a carefully planned commercial maneuver. Still, it works.

    My daughter wanted a Fitbit for Christmas and I told her to prove to me that she was going to use it! lol! How does hubby like it?

    Jane xx

  6. I'm sure Dean will like the Fitbit, late or not! I bought one at Costco a couple of months ago, and I love it. I have the Flex which goes on my wrist, and that works for me. It has really helped me reach the 10,000 steps goal quite often.