Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Saturday morning Dean bought 2 new palm trees. These are to replace some that died. When I say died, I mean murdered by the ridiculously cold winter we had. Seriously, since when does it get cold enough in Baton Rouge to kill palm trees???

We bought a Queen Palm & a Windmill Palm. We have a Windmill that did fine in the weather. You can see it to the left of the picture above. I really like the look of it but it's not as tall as I want.

This is the new Windmill. I'll be transplanting those iris's to my mom's new yard when they move in. The palm will show up better then.

This is the Queen Palm. I hope it lives. I just love how it looks. You can see in the middle of the picture the little stump thingy from one that died. We're not convinced it's dead, there was still a little green so we decided to just leave it & see what happens. 

It was cloudy Saturday thank goodness because it was still really, really hot. It would've been awful if the sun would've been out. While Dean dug the holes & planted the palms I pulled weeds. I did about half the backyard & then got in the pool & cooled off. This is the pool cooling contraption Dean made. You can also see the new palm.
I know it's not pretty but it works! It's amazing what you can do with PVC pipe & a noodle! If people come over we take it out. The pool was a perfect 88 degrees!

We have a big ditch thing behind our house & that's where we dump the weeds that we pull. When I went back there I saw this.
He was just hanging out, looking around.

I needed a new pot. I have a Begonia in a small one on my patio that apparently doesn't drain well & it's not doing very good. Since I didn't go with Dean to get the trees,  I asked him to just pick out a pretty one. Those of you that know me know I don't ever do things like this but I thought he could handle it. This is what he came home with.

I thought it was really pretty! I haven't repotted the Begonia yet. I was exhausted by the time I finished weeding. It never occurred to me when we did all that landscaping that someone was going to have to pull the weeds! Once we were both finished working we hung out in the pool awhile & then Dean grilled & I had a Pina Colada!

Looks good huh??

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  1. Sounds like a fun day. At least you have a nice pool to cool off in while you weed your garden. that makes it all the more fun. Pina colada always makes a great ending to a good day.

  2. Your pool is beautiful! I think the makeshift pool fountain looks great.....looks like something you bought. I haven’t been swimming all summer but your pics make me want to pull out the ole swim suit!

    Good luck to your palm and thank you for your sweet comment on my last post!

    Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

  3. I love your pool fountain...what a great idea!

  4. What a shame so many plants and things probably didn't make it through your harsh winter! Your pool is beautiful and I'm sure it brings much welcome relief from that heat! That Pina Colada is looking pretty good too! I'll be right over!! LOL!! Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Sherri : )

  5. Traci you have a very nice looking yard beautiful plants and trees and love the fountain

  6. I SO wish I had that delicious looking cocktail in front of me right now!

  7. Weeding=no fun!! But the water and drink looks inviting!

  8. It is my dream to live somewhere I can have palm trees in my yard! Your pool is gorgeous...I'm having a double case of envy here in Illinois! Thanks for your visit today!

  9. What a gorgeous yard traci!! That cocktail is the icing on the cake :)

  10. What a perfect day. Working in the yard and then enjoying a pool. I wish we had a pool. The pina colada sounds really good, too. Beautiful yard and pool and I know you have to be hot in Louisiana because it is miserable here in Ga.

  11. Hi Traci! So fun to discover you! Thank you so much for coming over to visit my blog and for all your very kind comments. I so appreciate that we have something deeper in common than just decorating and look forward to getting to know you better here in blogland!