Friday, July 30, 2010

Are we going to need a plumber??

Yesterday, I was on the phone in the living room & Dean was in the kitchen cooking when he yelled at me to look out the window. I took off  to see what it was. This is what I saw.

It's just a truck right? WRONG!!! Apparently, it's a meat market on wheels. I know the picture is awful but remember I'm taking it through a window with my iPhone & I was trying to hurry. The side of the truck says something about buying steaks.  I was on the phone with my mom when I spotted it & when I told her what it was she immediately says "Well, don't buy any. I've heard people say they're tough". Hmmmm. Tough meat is only one of a myriad of reasons I wouldn't buy steak out of a truck driving down my street. I'm pretty sure there's some sort of ordinance against this type of thing too. Thank goodness Dean wasn't out cutting the grass or I probably would've had to deal with "Mobile Steak Mart". Why you ask? Well, once when Dean was cutting the grass a guy stopped to tell him that he could restain my front door if I'd like. What does dear Dean do with this information?? He tells the guy to talk to me & he brings him to the front door. REALLY?!!??  I politely took the guys card & told him I'd let him know if I decided to do it. I hope God forgives that little lie. Here's a piece of advice for the guy if he happens to have come across this....DON'T GO TO SOMEONE'S DOOR WITH A CIGARETTE HANGING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH if you want them to hire you. Not that it would've mattered. I'm just not hiring someone off the street. People do that & then end up kidnapped or dead.

It appears we could have a plumbing issue. I hope not. Dean's shower & my tub decided that they didn't want to drain last night. The sinks & toilet work fine & all the other bathrooms are good. This meant I had to take a bath in one of the other bathrooms last night. Either my whirlpool tub has me incredibly spoiled or the other tubs are made for extremely tiny people. I swear I didn't have room to move. Hopefully, Dean can fix it.

I had a visitor at work today.

It's Emily! Her mom, Wendy & I grew up together and are great friends. Wendy also works with me. She had the afternoon off so she brought Emily to visit. Isn't she adorable??

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. Traci, do you have a septic tank. That could be backed up somewhere. That is what ours was when our shower wouldn't drain. Cute baby.