Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust!

It's Sunday night again & I'm blogging while listening to Dean snore. Where has the weekend gone? Yes, I know it's 9:30 which is technically past my bedtime but I just don't want to go to sleep because then the weekend will officially be over. sigh...

We had a low key weekend which normally I like but after having such a busy few weeks I kinda missed all the stuff going on. Friday night Dean & I had dinner at Zea's. They had a special summer menu. I refrained from my normal selection of some sort of fried seafood & ordered the Aegan Trout. OMG soooooo good!! It was grilled & had tomatoes, olives, almonds & feta cheese & was served with fresh snap beans. DELICIOUS!! I didn't eat it all either so I get to enjoy the tasty goodness again at lunch tomorrow.

Saturday I spent the day at my mom's. I still had some stuff in the top of the closet in my old room so we got all that down & went through it. WOW, the stuff I've kept. I got rid of a bunch but there was a bunch I couldn't part with. Why I don't know, but I couldn't. I'm hoping some of my friends with little girls will take some of it off my hands. Hint hint Wendy! When I got home & told Dean, he made a comment about me being just like my daddy & rolled his eyes. I guess he just doesn't understand my attachment to my New Kids On The Block dolls.

Amelia-Ann came over to show me her ribbons she won in her horse show & we got in the pool & played awhile. Then it started lightening. Why does it have to do that if it has no intention of raining??? We got a few drops & that was it.

Today was a really lazy day. It was raining when we got up. We went to 7:00 Mass & grocery shopping & I took a little nap. I spent the afternoon catching up on the DVR. I don't know why I say "catching up", I don't think that will ever happen but I watched the stuff I need to watch so I can discuss with Wendy & Allison. 



  1. Are you back home? I am back, unpacking and also packing for another trip. I decided to attend my friend's son's funeral in California. My daughtr used to be crazy about the New Kids on the Block. You must belong to the same generation..Christine

  2. Traci I know what you mean. They just fly by don't they? Your weekend sounded just wonderful sweet friend.

    Enjoy the week and thank you for coming by.
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! My Sunday was much like you……relaxing!

    Happy Monday to ya and thanks for coming over for a visit.

    Kendra "Domestic Princess in Training"

  4. Seriously! Having a DVR is almost more stressful because now we feel like we have to watch EVERYTHING!!