Friday, July 30, 2010

Shrimp dip

I don't generally post more than once a day. My life just isn't that exciting. Tonight you'll find something else you won't see often, a recipe. The reason being is that I'm not a cook. I'm not even very good at following a recipe. You may remember that from last weekend when I told you about making banana pudding.

So, tomorrow night is book club & I'm bringing shrimp dip as requested by Allison. I always make it the day before because it taste better after the flavors blend. If you're like me & can't follow a recipe it's ok if you don't layer everything in the same order. Here goes....

2-8oz pkgs. Cream cheese
2 tablespoons Worcertshire
2-4 tsp Tobasco
Fresh garlic minced to taste

Mix all of the above ingredients together & spread on a platter.

Second layer is a bottle of cocktail sauce. I use Louisiana.

Third layer is 1 1/2 lbs. Chopped boiled shrimp.

Fourth layer 8 oz to 1 lb. Shredded mozzarella.

Fifth layer chopped bell pepper & Roma tomato.

Sixth layer shredded Parmesan cheese. Whatever amount you want.

Seventh later chopped green onions to taste.

It's really a great dip!! I'll take a picture tomorrow. I forgot earlier & now I'm in bed.

Speaking of food, we went to Monjuni's for dinner tonight. It's Italian food & one of my favorite places. I had the veggie lasagna. It's sooooo good! They also have a great Italian house salad.

Doesn't it look great??

This is another of my favorite things at Monjuni's,

A wedding cake martini!! It's fabulous! You should try one!


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  1. Traci swimming sounds great right now with this extreme heat!

    Thanks for checking out my new trees. I'm excited to see them grow.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)