Sunday, July 4, 2010

San Diego - Part One

We left Baton Rouge & had a layover in Dallas then on to San Diego. All my worrying over the weight of my suitcase was for naught. They didn't even weigh it! Luckily, the flight was uneventful. When we arrived in San Diego we took a shuttle to the hotel & got checked in. We stayed at the Westin. It was really nice. We were going on the "Sight & Sip Sunset Cruise" that evening so we headed over to the convention center to pick up our tickets. Lydia was able to check in for her conference as well. At this point I found out about the free shuttle provided by the conference. It went back & forth from the hotels in the area to the convention center. Due to my lack of sense of direction, this came in handy for me. We headed back to the hotel & changed clothes & then we were off.

When we saw this yacht we were very excited!

Then we were told that wasn't our yacht. This was.

It would've looked really great if it hadn't been parked next to the other one. It was nice enough but not really what I was thinking when "they" said "luxury yacht".  We had drinks & ate a little.

We weren't really impressed with the shrimp. See how small? Definitely not what we're usd to. It looks like it was probably shrimp out of a can. I guess we shouldn't complain considering that may be the only kind of shrimp we get if they don't get the oil spill under control.

This is the USS Midway. It's a Navy aircraft carrier. It's available to tour but I passed on that.
I have a story about this. When I was like 4, my daddy brought me to the movies & what did we see?? Midway! Charlton Heston starred in it & it was something like a 4 hr. movie. I sat through the entire thing. What a perfect child I was!!

Here's Lydia & I.
Notice how not sunny it is? Yeh, so much for the sunset cruise. There was no sun to set. We had fun but it was a little disappointing. Come to find out, the cloudy, gloomy weather is common for June. The locals call it "June Gloom". Funny, I didn't find any mention of that in all the time I spent on the internet trying to find things to do while in San Diego. Now, the temperature on the other hand, was FABULOUS!!! We actually wore jackets & sweaters a good bit of the time. There was no walking outside feeling like you were slapped in the face with heat & no sweating. 

After the cruise we walked through the Gaslamp Quarter. Like Lydia said, "it's a lot like Bourbon Street without all the strip clubs". It's also much much cleaner!!

Sunday morning we went to Seaport Village. This is a little area full of shops & restaurants. It's on the bay & is a really cute area. Lydia & I walked around for awhile & then she headed over to the conference. I stayed & hung out.

I've always loved watching ducks. I don't know what it is but they're just fun. See that turtle in the middle picture? Well, I took a few pictures of it & I walked by again later & it was in the same spot & that's when I realized Mr. Turtle wasn't real. Real ducks but a fake turtle? Go figure.

More to come.


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  1. Hey! Glad you're back safe and sound. Looks like a great trip. Bummer about the jar - I didn't even think to get insurance on it.