Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lydia was off to her convention on Monday so I was on my own. I went & took a tour of PETCO Park where the Padres play.

This was so interesting! This is the wine cellar, lounge & dining room for the Home Plate Club. It was so nice!

The Home Plate Club are the 5 or 6 rows directly behind home plate. These seats are $26,000 per season BUT you don't have to pay to park & it's all you can eat & drink! That makes it a deal right??

The stadium is so clean. I wasn't expecting that. They clean all night because if they waited until daylight those stupid birds that are all over the place would realize there's a buffet & they'd hang out.

We were able to go down to the field too.

The grass is so pretty. They cut it to 7/8 inch before each game. It was cool to be on the field.

You realize just how close the batter is to the pitcher. It's amazing how anyone can hit a ball coming 95 mph from that distance!!

We were able to go in the dugout as well.

I tried to make a call to the bullpen but I couldn't figure out how to open the little thingy.

We walked through the entire stadium.

After the tour was over I had lunch at the Spicy Pickle. It was really good & the pickles were spicy!!

Next up I did a little shopping at Horton Plaza which is the open air mall. It was really nice.

On my way back to the hotel is when things got interesting. I have no sense of direction. I did at one time but not anymore. I'm not sure where it went but it's definitely gone. I was trying to figure out which direction I needed to go when this guy stopped me. He wanted to know if the oil spill in the Gulf bothered me. I had no idea where he was going with this but I answered that I'm from Louisiana & yes it is upsetting. Well, that was all he needed to hear. He introduced himself. His name was Slave & he was a member of Green Peace. Yes, Slave. He started talking about all sorts of stuff I know nothing about. Remember, I love styrofoam cups so he wasn't really going to get anywhere with me. I stood & listened & I thought he was going to ask for money at any minute. Then he started talking about some place that is powered 100% by wind. OK dude, science was never my thing so he pretty much lost me there. Finally, he got around to his point. He picked up a clip board & I was all ready to say sorry, I don't have any cash, when he said "OK Can we sign you up?" HUH?? Me in Green Peace? Anyone that knows me knows how absolutely ridiculous that is! Sorry but no. I politely told him no thank you & that I had to get back to my hotel. I didn't mention that I had no clue as to how I was going to go about doing that! I'm sure he thought I was as weird as I thought he was because I turned around & went back from where I came. Luckily there were some taxi's so I took one back to the hotel, which apparently, was only about a block from where I was. Go figure. At least it was only $3 for the cab.

Lydia & her boss were invited to some cocktail parties with some of the companies they do business with so off we went. The first one was so crowded & they didn't have much food. Just a couple of things. We had small plates & a glass of wine & moved on to the next place. This one was pretty cool. It was at a law firm with a rooftop terrace. There were lots of appetizer type things & an open bar. We had lemon drop martini's.

They were really good. Well, the first one was. The second one not so much.  We could even see PETCO Park from here.

See the stadium lights? Yes, I know these aren't the greatest quality pictures but I was using my iPhone. I was tired of carrying my other camera around. After the party we went to dinner at another Italian restaurant & then called it a night.

That's it for now.



  1. Looks like you are having a time of your life traveling, Traci, Good for you! The grass in the ball park looks so pretty...Christine

  2. Wow Traci! What a fun trip!!! Glad my husband didn't run into the Green Peace guy - he would have gotten an earful! Thanks for the nice comment on my "Busy Week" post. It's been fun driving around in our new cars this past week (especially because we don't have a car note either) We bought pre-owned and have been paying ourselves a monthly payment for several years to save up.
    I hope while you were in California you had a chance to go to In n Out Burger. They are sooooo good!! (I lived in Long Beach for 40 years and then moved to NC.)
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Hi Traci! Thanks for stopping by,looks like while you were visiting SD I was in Palm Springs, maybe next time we can meet up :) Glad Logan is ok!

  4. I thought of Slave yesterday when the news announced that there will be no drilling for six months! HOW STUPID!