Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks to Bonnie we woke up to a serious storm!! Thunder, lightening & a whole lot of rain. My ultimate sleeping conditions!! Sadly, it wasn't to be. When I rolled over & looked at the clock it was 5:25, only 35 minutes until I had to get up. I think it started raining harder! We went to Mass & then did our grocery shopping. By that time the rain had stopped. We had almost 4 1/2 inches in 3 hours!!!

We're going to a pool party at my neighbors tonight & I volunteered to bring banana pudding. Technically, Dean volunteered but anyway. Banana pudding is easy. For most people. I've been known to have a few issues with it. I may have put 2 oz. of milk instead of 2 cups once. Today I had some "folding" of the cool whip issues but it's done, with Dean's help of course!

- I think it looks pretty good. We'll see how it taste!

To reward myself for my culinary delight I went & had a Mani & Pedi!

Off to the party now!


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