Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Bored.

Well, you can certainly tell it's summer because of all the weird stuff on TV! Tonight we've watched "Wipeout" which really is funny & now we find ourselves watching something called "Downfall". It's a game show. Has anyone seen it? I haven't figured out the rules except that the participant is wearing something that looks like a Nomex uniform & he's hooked to a pulley or something & they keep speaking of "going over the edge". It's really pretty interesting. One of the categories was "TV Families". The contestant guy didn't know "Leave It To Beaver"! It's not like he was some young pup either. He was definitely of an age to have known. I got all but "The Waltons" which is shocking as much as my mom likes that show. I was never a fan but she always watched it. I managed to get all of the answers to the "NFL MVPs". Aren't I a good wife??

Speaking of the NFL, it's probably time to start our research for our fantasy team. I plan to do better this season & be better prepared for the draft.

In my last post I mentioned that I have some things from my childhood that I was hoping to give away. Thankfully, Wendy is willing to take the NKOTB dolls off my hands. She plans to save them for when baby Emily gets a bit older. As Wendy said, "I'm not sure how Emily will feel about playing with boy band dolls but they're a good alternative to Ken". That they are. It's only appropriate that Wendy takes them home because our entire high school career was spent loving those boys! Yes, I said high school. Wendy was always partial to little Joey Joe while I loved Jordan. Never were we more excited than when we were able to touch the boys when we pushed our way to the front row during a concert!! Those were the days!

Speaking of TV & my childhood. I was a huge 90210 fan & I loved Donna Martin!! That of course has turned into me loving Tori Spelling. I watch her show & read her books. I wish she would come to B.R. for a book signing but sadly that hasn't happened. Nobody ever comes here. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Kristin's post tomorrow. She's going to Tori's book signing tonight in Florida!

Anyway, that was all really random so I'll go now.



  1. WHen I was in college, I remember HAVING to be home by 7PM to watch 90210...this was towards the end of the show..when things got really good. I still watch it on Saturday...when I get a chance.

  2. omg. hahahha. Nice, I got quoted. I told Rich in an email nkotb dolls were a good alternative to Ken and he just said "oh boy." I imagine there was an eye roll with it. Emily's going to say, "Why does Jordan have a long braid down his back?" hahahhahahha.

  3. Hi Traci,
    I have not heard of that game show before but I do love television show trivia. Awesome!

    Thanks for entering my GC giveaway and for following along as well. I really appreciate it sweet friend. You're the best!

    Have a blessed weekend.
    ~Melissa :)