Monday, July 5, 2010

San Diego - Part Deux

I left off on Sunday. Lydia & I decided on "Little Italy" for dinner. These little things were all over the place. They call themselves "Pedi Cabs".

We decide to use this mode of transportation. That proved to be not such a wise move. We got in/on & were about 6 feet away from the hotel & Lydia was talking to Scott when we heard this awful noise that sounded like a gunshot.  

Scott even heard it on the phone. We had a blowout!! Nothing to fear! There was another pedi cab right there to pick us up. The only problem was that he didn't have any idea where Little Italy was. I thought that was really strange. We decided to walk. We ate at a delicious little Italian restaurant & had some wine.

For dessert we stopped at Yogurtland. It's one of those places like Menchies & Boscos where you go in & fix your own yogurt & put whatever toppings you want. It doesn't matter if I have yogurt or ice cream I put Reeses peanut butter cups on it. When I saw these I got a little giddy!

They're so tiny! I'd never seen these before. They were about the size of chocolate chips & were perfection in my yogurt! These were our creations.

Something I haven't mentioned is how dog friendly San Diego is. When we were out walking around, everywhere you looked someone had a dog on a leash. On the patio's of restaurants, in the hotels & yes, even at Yogurtland.

They were all really well behaved. They didn't bark or beg for food. It was weird. On our walk back to the hotel we spotted this.

We thought it was odd for the Mexican Consulate to be in Little Italy.



  1. What a fun trip! I love San Diego, love the mountains and the water and the weather...Christine

  2. hey girl! i'm not to sure how hard it was because kent did it - NOT ME! lol. but it only took him about ten mins so it can't be that hard....:)

    looks like you had fun on your trip!