Friday, July 16, 2010

Katie's Wedding Day

Last weekend when we were in Texas we stayed at the Marriott in Sugar Land. It was really nice & in a great area. The hotel was in the middle of a little shopping area that had restaurants & coffee shops. Dean & I went to walk around when we got up Saturday morning. This was in the little town square area. We had a view of it from our room.

Before the wedding I'd looked off & on in Baton Rouge for a dress to wear to the wedding. I even looked in San Diego but I never found anything so I was just going to wear something I had. While we were walking around Dean told me about a store that he'd seen earlier that was having a 50% off sale. Off I went. Now seriously, do you really think I'd find a dress 50% off 4 hours before the wedding that went with a pair of shoes that I had with me?? I DID!!! I was SHOCKED but so excited!

After dress shopping we met a friend for lunch. Joe lives in Sugar Land so he came & met us at a Mexican restaurant. It was nice to get to visit with him. We hadn't seen him in awhile. Then it was off to get ready for the wedding.

Here's the bridal party. The pink dresses were so cute & Katie was beautiful!

After the wedding, we went back to the hotel. Most of the out of town guests & the bridal party were all staying at the Marriott so Sean & Katie arranged for a shuttle to pick everyone up at the hotel & bring us to the reception. That was great! Kudos to Sean for coming up with that.

The reception was really nice & fun. After cocktail hour, where hors d'ouvres & wine were served, we moved into the main dining room to our tables. The food was really good! There was a salad bar, a pasta bar, a carving station & an open bar. I never made it to the carving station. I was too busy with the salad & pasta! Here we are with the newlyweds.

None of my pictures are fabulous because the dining room had so many windows & it was 5:00 so there was lots of evening sun. It was a beautiful day but none of the settings on my camera were just right.

Isn't the cake beautiful? It was delicious too! I had a small piece of white cake with Bavarian cream & a small piece of carrot. Soooo good!

I really expected Katie to smash the cake in Sean's face. I was surprised when she didn't. Then it was speech & toast time. Everyone had a glass of champagne.

This was the highlight of the night!
Sean's entire family did the dance from the "Thriller" video! It was AWESOME!!! I know you can't tell the level of awesomeness this was from the pics, just trust me!!

I had high expectations for this wedding after seeing pictures & hearing about Sean's wild dance moves & crazy friends. I was not disappointed.
I told Dean that we need to get him a seer sucker suit for summer events. There was a plethora of them at the wedding. It was pretty funny during communion watching them all parade by like they were advertising them. You can see one of the guys in the above picture.

Katie has a wide array of musical faves. It's actually very similar to mine. Where she loves Justin Bieber, I love New Kids, we both have a strange affinity for rap as well. Here everyone's doing the bunny hop.
I'm not part of this group because I'm taking the picture. DUH!! No sseriously, I'm not in the picture because of my "cute over comfort" mantra. The shoes I had on were KILLING me. I even went to Charming Charlies Saturday morning & bought these little innersole comfort things. Lord knows how bad I would've been hurting without them. The Footgloss I bought awhile back helps but only when you remember to put it on.

This is Dean & I with Sean & some our other friends that were at the wedding, Haley, Nick & his fiance Julie.
We had fun catching up with them.

A lot of Sean's family is from New Jersey so naturally they're Bon Jovi fans. This was "Livin' On A Prayer"

Here's Dean & I & a view of my new dress.
I think a pair of hot pink heels are in order the next time I wear it!!!

Katie had such a unique ending to her reception. The last song was the Charlie Brown song. I'm pretty sure she chose it because that was always the last song played at The Stadium Club "back in the day". For those of you that don't know, The Stadium Club is a college bar that everyone hung out in. Some of us before others!! 

After the reception, the shuttle brought us back to the Marriott & off to the hotel lounge we went. Everyone was there including the bride & groom. After nearly passing out when I gave the bartender a $20 for a beer & a Cosmo & only getting $1.50 change I was done. $10.50 for a Cosmo? Really?

 It was a great weekend & fun was had by all!!



  1. Your new dress is very pretty, Traci and you look so cute in it. This looks like a real fun wedding. I was laughing at the Thriller dance because hubby and I took the Thriller dance lesson when we were on a cruise last March. Thanks for your prayers for my friend and her family...Christine

  2. Looks like a gorgeous wedding. That cake is incredible!