Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Weekend

Last weekend was low key but fun. We went with friends to White Light Nights.  A few blocks in one part of Baton Rouge open their stores & have snacks & drinks & shopping. We walked around & bought a few things & had dinner at Doe's. 

If you're not from Baton Rouge you may not have heard about Southern University's band. They're called the Human Jukebox & they're so good!

Part of the band played. They dance while they play. It's impressive. It's always fun to watch their half time show. 

Saturday morning Scott, Lydia & Logan had a run to do. Dean & I went to watch.
It was cold & rainy which is was not supposed to be. Gotta love the weathermen. 

Love Logan's expression. A couple of older kids had just passed him & you could tell he wasn't happy. He still came in 6th overall. 

Clearly, the rain wasn't bothering him.

That's my brother in the red. Speedy starts at the front. Lydia's in the picture somewhere.

This kid is mesmerized by water. 

Scott was 5th overall but was 2nd in his age group. The pic I had of  Lydia finishing was very blurry.

After the race we ran a few errands & then went home to get ready for the LSU game. Good grief it was bad. Really, really bad. Everyone had stuff going on Saturday so it was very low key. Cindy came over & Cliff, Sheri & A-A. 

A-A lost interest in the game. I'm so glad she's so comfortable at our house. 

The game was so bad Cindy made monograms for our cups. 

After the game Dean & I went to Caliente. 

Sunday afternoon Cindy & Sheri came over & we planted paper whites. I hope they bloom. This is the first time any of us have done this. 

The last several years we have what we call the 3900 Krewe Christmas PJ Party on Christmas Eve night after everyone does their own thing. We meet up around 10:00 play the White Elephant game & hang out. This year someone had the idea of making t-shirts.  
Last night our kitchen was the shipping & receiving dept. for the shirts. 

This is only some of the shirts. We may have a problem. LOL!

It's that time of year again - I woke up with a sore throat, started taking Mucinex, it didn't work, woke up with stopped up ears so off to the Dr. I went. It's the usual upper respiratory infection. Against my better judgement I got the dreaded steroid shot & an antibiotic & keep taking Mucinex. That means I'm not sleeping good. I was at Sam's at 7:00 am this morning before work. At least I'm productive. 

We got a glorious email this morning that the office is closing at noon! WOOO HOOO!! 

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!



  1. Hope you feel better! Landry is coming down with the same thing, and she's getting her two year molars. Yikes. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I hope you feel better now! Sorry you were sick before the holiday! Have a great week! :)