Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hump Daaayyyy!

Yes that commercial still makes me laugh!

Imagine my excitement when I saw this weather this morning. Even more exciting was the dew point was 59!! I do not live in Arlington, TX. There's an area near where I live in Baton Rouge that is called Arlington. It's not a city or anything & I don't know why it's called that. This weather app is accuweather & I like it because it shows dew point. When I first started using it the Arlington would pop up & I'd go in & change it to Baton Rouge. I thought it was odd that it was always exactly the same weather as Arlington, which I was assuming was Arlington, TX because you know, nobody calls the area near me Arlington. It's just Baton Rouge because it's, you know, in Baton Rouge. Confused yet? I am. I mentioned this to Dean one day & he's the one that reminded me of the Arlington area. So confusing. It's sorta like on FB when I post at my house it says "near Brusly". The only difference is Brusly is an actual city. It's across the river but "as the crow flies" probably only a few miles away. Anyway, all that to say, the weather was great & I'm very easily confused by things.

I'm also having issues with people lately. When NCIS New Orleans was first mentioned & they talked about Scott Bakula I somehow had it in my head that he was Balki from Perfect Strangers. Does anyone remember that show? It was hilarious. Scott Bakula is not Balki. Then yesterday I saw on Twitter that Vince Vaughn & Will Ferrell are the new peeps on True Detective. I didn't watch the show when McConaughey was on it because we don't have HBO but if I did & I still wouldn't watch because I can't think of anything more awful than watching those two together! Vince's incessant talking drives me insane & I just can't stand Will. I don't think he's funny AT ALL. Yes, I know I'm in the minority. Come to find out, it's COLIN Ferrell not Will. Interesting.

So anyway, I ran my 5 miles this morning in the perfectly delightful weather.

And I was annoyed. You might ask how one gets annoyed at 5:00 am when they run by themselves. I'll tell you. When the boot campers leave the driveway & do their entire workout spread across the entire width of the street & use cones that require you to run through their workout & dodge people running at you. ANNOYED!!!

So next time you hear from me I'll get to tell you all about the One Direction concert!!


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  1. Aw, I love Vince Vaughn. ;)
    But I am usually the one in the group that doesn't think people are funny! I get it!!

    Hope your concert was great!

  2. I love that commercial too but my husband just thinks it is annoying and can't understand why I like it. LOL!!! I am usually the one who doesn't think certain people are funny mostly because I don't like vulgar people. Looks like you are having some fabulous running weather :o) Have a great weekend!!!