Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

I'm tired. I say that way too much but I really am tired. We had a busy weekend. Why does riding in a car make you tired? Anyway, Friday after work we headed to Texas. My brother in law, niece & nephew live in Pearland. It's 4.5-5 hours from Baton Rouge. Surprisingly, there were no traffic issues. Even when we were driving through storming rain. Once we got to Pearland we made a colossal mistake. Rather than ask my mother in law where we should eat, I asked my brother in law because you know, he LIVES in Pearland. He gave us a couple of options that I wasn't particularly interested in. We didn't have a ton of time & just wanted something like Olive Garden, Chili's, Applebee's. You know, places that have a variety & you know what you're getting. Never saw anything like that. We ended up at a BBQ joint in a strip mall only to find out there was a Chili's by the interstate where we exited. sigh. It wasn't bad but I so didn't want BBQ. Whatevs. We ate & off we went to the game.

Drew is a corner back. I forgot my good camera & I don't have the new iPhone. Oh well.

High school football in Texas is a big deal. Check out the score board. The band even has an 18 Wheeler to cart around the band equipment. Pearland has a pretty good football team. They played for the state championship last year. So, they won Friday night 69-0. Yeh. It was boring. Because of the ridiculously one sided score Drew only played the first half. Oh well. At least we got to see him play.

It wasn't hot at all which was a surprise but it was muggy. Somewhere around half time I decided I needed a Dr. Pepper but I wasn't buying it at the game because they sold 20 ounce bottles & I need ice. Yes I'm a little high maintenance with weird stuff. On our trek through town trying to find food we did see a Sonic. In retrospect that's where we should have eaten. Anyway, on the way back to the hotel we stopped. We waited for 15 minutes for a large D.P. & Sonic Blast. The little guy told us they were shorthanded. No biggie. We didn't have anywhere to go. He brought us our order & at that time informed Dean they were out of spoons. I was being a good wife & putting the straw in Dean's blast so maybe he could eat it while he drove so we were already down the street when I had my first sip of Dr. Pepper. Hmmmm, it tasted a little different. That would be because it was DIET DR PEPPER. UGH! Lucky for Dean the hotel had a spoon because that ice cream was not going through that straw.

I had a 10 mile run scheduled for the weekend. Once I saw where the hotel was I knew there was no way it was happening Sat. The hotel was on a busy highway & I wasn't the least bit interested in running there. Dean's parents were in town too so we all met for lunch Sat. & got to visit with Drew & our niece Camille. I was also able to have a REAL Dr. Pepper. It was fabulous! After lunch we were off to our next stop, our friends in Katy.

Veronica & I have been friends since middle school. They used to live around the corner from us but moved to Texas when Veronica was transferred a couple of years ago. 
The kids have changed sooooo much. Especially the older boys. Abby & Gavin (the 2 little ones) are twins & Abby is our Godchild. We had a fun visit.

Veronica always has great food. Whether she cooked it or bought it & she didn't disappoint.
For those of you that shop at Costco, these dips were soooo good! I especially loved the artichoke jalapeno. We have a new Costco in Baton Rouge but that sucker is like $100 to join & we're already members of Sam's. Everyone tells me it's worth it but I don't know.

Next stop was Kroger. HA! We needed to get gas, some wine & I needed Starbuck's. I would not complain about grocery shopping if we had Starbuck's inside them.

Java Chip Frap with an extra shot & whip. I never get whip. Too many calories but I decided I wanted it. So worth it!

Our final stop was more friends in Katy. Actually, Katie who lives in Katy. We know Katie from back in the day when she played volleyball at LSU. That was back in 2000 when she was just a kid. Now she's married to a great guy & has 2 little cuties.

Riley wasn't sure what to think about us. She warmed up to us but did a lot of staring at us. HA!

This is the best pic we could get. You should've seen us. Katie's making faces & crazy noises while telling me to "KEEP SMILING". Quinn was very interested in the princess shoe she had in her bag. We were a bit of disappointment to Quinn when we got there. When she saw us she looked at her mom & said "where are my friends". When Katie told her our friends are coming over, apparently she expected kids her size! She made the best of it & we played. We ate pizza, drank wine & watched that  beating that was the LSU game. Although, I really thought Les was going to end up winning. It's kinda his M.O.

Sunday morning we all went to Mass & then it was time for us to head home. Needless to say the 10 mi. run didn't happen. I'll deal with that later.  It was such a fun weekend but as usual it went by way too fast.

This morning the alarm surprised me so much that I swear I jumped out of bed before I realized what was happening.
My Garmin was dead when I turned it on. I didn't realize it was on the entire weekend. Oh well, I used my phone & got my 5 miles in. The weather was great. 68 degrees, felt like 73 with the 96% humidity but the dew point was only 69. I thought I would've been faster but I wasn't. Oh well.

Today is the 20 year anniversary of the first episode of Friends! My most favorite show in the whole entire world. The show that I watch on Friday's when I get home from work early. Thank you syndication. The show that I've seen every episode of about 934 times & still laugh like it's the first time. This is also the show that I cried when it ended. I was so sad. Dean laughed at me. In case you can't tell, I'm not over it ending.



  1. We have had a Sam's membership before, but didn't really use it that much. We got a Costco a few years ago and joined, and we go quite a bit. The food selection seems much better to me than Sam's. Our membership was just $49.

  2. Friends was one of my favorite shows & I can still remember crying as I watched the last episode. We have Sams here but they are building a Costco's in Mobile and it's expected to open in August 2015. I'm excited because everyone that has one loves it.

  3. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. I love Costco.

  4. What a fun weekend you had! Always nice to see friends and relatives you don't see often. Yes, we are very happy about Rea's scan reports. She still has one final chemo, a really strong one which is supposed to wipe her out but she will be rescued immediately by her stem cells. It is scary but knowing how she has handled all the past chemo cycles make us feel better. Please continue to pray for her...Christine