Friday, September 19, 2014

Cheers to the Weekend!!

Yay for Friday! The week flew by & I'm glad for that. I know I shouldn't wish my life away but I like weekends. We're off to Houston in a little bit. Crossing my fingers that the interstate isn't a nightmare. Those of you that don't live here may think it's just Baton Rouge, how bad can traffic be? Trust me, it's as bad as cities way bigger. We have "the bridge" & it's newsworthy if there isn't "an incident" on it. Thankfully, I don't have to travel that direction on a daily or even weekly basis. I would probably poke both of my eyes out. 

I thought this was an interesting article.

I had a Dermatologist appointment this week for my yearly skin check. Sadly, I'm pretty white, have moles & used the tanning bed A LOT in my 20's so I've had some "suspicious" moles removed. All was good this appointment but I have these little thingys under one of my eyes. They're skin tags & my Dr. told me she could clip them off which I was all for until she said they could come back or new ones could appear. Lovely. Here's a PSA, if you have lots of them it can be a symptom of diabetes. In my case "it's a sign of aging". Good grief. I could deal with the whole getting older thing if I didn't have crap like this going on. How's this for ironic? My face still break outs! So I'm not too old for break outs but I'm old enough for skin tags? Yet in order to get the meds for break outs my Dr has to jump through hoops & write letters so the insurance company will cover them because I'm over 25. I deal with this every year. You'd think I'd be over it but it annoys me every year. 

I  noticed something weird on Facebook last night. Kids are selling the strangest things. It used to be junky stuff that nobody wanted or wrapping paper or if you were lucky World's Finest Chocolate. Last night 2 different friends posted stuff their kids are selling. Sheets & Fruit Trees. Yes, that's right, bed sheets & fruit trees. WTH? How does one go about delivering fruit trees??  

Yesterday morning I ran. 
I had the hardest time waking up. I didn't hear the alarm & when Dean woke me up I kept saying "what? what?". I was tired all day. 

Last night we went to Caliente for dinner. I know that's shocking. What's really shocking is that we haven't been in 2 weeks. We had stuff going on & couldn't go. No way was I going another weekend without my Mexican fix. I had shrimp tacos & they were delicious! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can eat at Pappadeaux's at some point this weekend. It's a shame it's not Mardi Gras. They have a king cake dessert. 

Has anyone ever heard of a Swell bottle? I haven't but someone told me about them today. It's supposed to keep your drinks cold for something like 24 hours & hot for 12. Apparently, it's around $35. Just wondering if anyone has one. 

Well, this has been random. 

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Have a great time in Houston, are you close? My geography is not that great.

    I envy anyone that doesn't have skin issues. The skin makes me cringe to think they snip them off! Ewww... I have the driest skin in the world and terrible eczema. My dermatologist gave up. Seriously. My daughter breaks out and I found her the best cleansing pads made by Aveda. Check them out. They cleared up her skins after YEARS of break outs.

    Have a great trip. Fruit trees????

    Jane xx