Monday, August 6, 2012

Here we go again!

Here it is almost 8:00 & I've been home for almost 30 minutes. Did I go to Yoglates?? Noooo! I was at work for 11 hours today. Not to beat a dead horse but I'm over it! Yesterday, was 9 hours & 45 minutes & Sunday, yes Sunday, was 6 & a half hours. OVER IT!!!

We're watching the Olympics. Imagine that. Last night there was something called Track Cycling. WEIRD!! Have y'all seen this? The entire first lap is 2 guys barely moving & the one in front turns around watching the guy behind him. I've never seen anything like it.

I also watched women's weightlifting. I'm not being ugly (that's my version of bless her heart), those poor women are not attractive. They all look like men. It's really a little frightening. I watched for a bit because it is the Olympics & I can't seem to look away.

You may have read about the "wardrobe malfunction" with the women's water polo. Apparently, someone's boob fell out of their suit. I watched a little of a match or whatever you call it & I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. Those women are ROUGH! I definitely couldn't be a water polo player.

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  1. Boo!!! I'm working 11 hour days this week too, including travel time. It is no fun! And I didn't have to work Sunday. That really stinks! I had the same thoughts on women weightlifters! Ha!!

  2. I sure hope you get a break very soon!


  3. Girl! You gotta quit working so much!!

  4. I only watch Gymnastics. Geez, you've been working a lot. Take a break sometime....Christine

  5. After a busy week, you sure packed in some fun for the weekend! The girl knows how to party!