Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Is what we're doing. We still have power. THANK YOU GOD!! Last night the weather was nice. That's what's so weird about hurricanes. We sat outside at the neighbors & ate & had a few drinks.
This isn't a great picture but I promise there's a rainbow!
The girls!

The crew!

A-A is taller than me now.
The boys. Yes, that is a flash light hanging around Cliff's neck. I told him he looks like Flavor Flav.
This is making me very sad. My poor palm tree. It looks even worse now. It was looking so good because we had such a mild winter & now I'll be lucky if it doesn't come out of the ground. It's raining pretty hard now & is really windy. The worst is yet to come.



  1. Hang in there! Hope your power stays on!

    (And also...skinny minnie!!!!!)

  2. Hope your power stays on and your palm stays rooted! :)

  3. Your pool is beautiful, even in the middle of a hurricane! Stay safe my friend and I hope your beautiful palm holds up.

  4. I hope y'all are still hanging in there safely!!!! We just got a little bit of rain today, but nothing bad. I guess we are lucky to be so up north!

  5. Glad you are OK Traci. We have been through a few of these nasty nasty storms when we lived in S. Florida. You have to make the best of it for sure.