Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Except I haven't weighed. It's been about a week. I'd gotten down to my lowest point & then I gained 3 lbs. I knew that with Christmas leftovers & New Years Eve the possibility of a few more pounds was highly possible. I decided to just wait until I was back on track before I weigh again. It's looking like it will be next week. I've been doing so so on the eating. Truth be known I'm tired of junk. I didn't go completely crazy over the holidays but there were a lot of dips & people, dips are my weakness. There's also a shrimp poboy in my future  (hopefully) & of course food for the National Championship game Monday night. Other than that there are no special occasions that I can think of until February when we get on the cruise ship. Which is a whole other reason to get back on track. Anywho, I made it to Yoglates twice last week. The routine was TOUGH which is why I didn't make it 3 times. I would've had to go 3 days in a row & I'm not to that point yet. Apparently, the teachers that make up the routines are on the HITT bandwagon. Have you heard of this High Intensity Interval Training?? Apparently, studies show that if you do sudden burst of exercise it burns more calories or something. I don't know the specifics. Suffice it to say it's rough!  Due to Monday being a holiday, an appt with the eye doctor (I'm still blind) & a meeting a Church, Yoglates has been a no go so far this week. If never fails I have several things in a week & then weeks with nothing. So, I'm not sure if I'll go tomorrow or just wait until Monday & start fresh. We'll see.

Yesterday, I decided that it was time to test my hip. It doesn't bother me anymore except if I wear heels for an extended period of time. Off I went. I decided to do a 5 minute warm up walk & then just see how long I could run. Well, as soon as I took the first step running I could feel the hip. Again, it didn't hurt but I knew something had been going on. I ran for 4 minutes, walked another 5 & ran another 3. Not good but of course better than nothing & much better than when I started the whole running thing in August. I think I could've done more but I didn't want to take a chance & re-injure myself & I totally underestimated what 50 degrees feels like when you're running. It's cold! I needed my ears covered. That part was awful. I may try again over the weekend. We'll see.

So, I've been referring to my resolutions as my "to do list". To me it just sounds like it's things I have to do if it's on a to do list. A resolution? Not so much. Well,  my friend Wendy says no to resolutions, only goals, which have become known as "Unresolutions". We've been referring to these almost daily which helps us all. It's always easier to do something when you have support from others with the same goals. So far, I haven't gotten much accomplished though. Mainly because I spent a good part of the weekend picking up my Christmas decorations. I realized that I do have a problem & I really need to NOT buy ANYTHING else pertaining to Christmas. Seriously. Well, I'll continue to buy ornaments when we go on vacations but that really needs to be it. Anyway, the only organization I've gotten done is my closet which wasn't bad to begin with & I went through all of my pictures & got prints ordered. It's a start right?

I decided that I wanted to read one of those read the Bible in year books. This is the one I bought, One Year Chronological Bible. So far, so good except I'm learning that when I was a kid in Sunday School, there was a lot of stuff left out! Everything wasn't so hunky dory as my teachers would've liked us to believe.  I wanted  a Catholic in a year Bible because the Catholic Bible has additional books & I'm Catholic now but they didn't have one for the Nook. Then I realized that I'll be lucky to read this one. I don't need anything additional.



  1. Girl, I don't want to talk about weight and eating! I am paying so bad for the way I have cooked and eaten since Thanksgiving. I knew better,but I did it anyway. I have been hitting the track every night and doing my 3 miles. I have a gym membership, but I had much rather be outside walking if anyway possibe. I put Sophie in her little stroller, and we take off. Everybody just stares like they have never seen a dog in a stroller before, lol. We certainly get lots of looks in our little small town, but that is ok! I bet you just can't wait for the cruise!

  2. I am afraid to weigh myself, Traci. But my pants aren't tight so that is a good sign and my daughter and SIL are not big eaters (now that Tina had her baby)so I don't cook too much.Would you believe that in 10 days, she does not even look like she just had a baby. Mmmmm. Anyway, cruise is coming soon and I am jealous. I want to go again but I do not have any scheduled but just have fun for me!...Christine

  3. Congrats on running again. Yea, I would take it easy. Don't want to hurt yourself again.

  4. I'm not enjoying my monthly weigh ins right now. Haha! And you GO!

  5. I almost read the whole Bible last year. I used the "one Year Bible" and let me say it was a crazy trip through the desert!! haha
    I got sidetracked in September when school/work was in full force and Brodie had his surgery, etc. I need to finish it up just to say I read the WHOLE thing!

  6. Good luck on your continued weight-loss and your exercise routine. I think you are doing amazingly well. CAS