Friday, January 13, 2012


I did my first little organizing project a couple of weeks ago. It's not much but it's something that needed to be done. Bathroom drawers! I didn't need to do all of them just my makeup drawer & hair/nail/misc. junk drawer. Naturally, I forgot to take before pics. Just imagine the average junk drawer with stuff stuffed in it. That was mine.

This is it now. I bought the silver mesh looking storage containers in the kitchen section at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They're not really mesh, they're metal or something. I had some little white baskets that I used but the holes were too big &stuff would creep through & make a bigger mess. The container that I have the nail polish & hair stuff in was recycled. I have no idea where it came from but it fits in the drawer perfectly. Next up is my makeup drawer. I had some baskets in this drawer but nothing was organized & half the time I had to dig to get to what I was looking for. I bought a silverware tray at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's the same material as the containers in the other drawer. The divided compartments are great. I have all of my makeup brushes in one, mascaras & eyeliners in another, eye shadow together by color, etc. This is the makeup I use regularly. I also have one of those big things from Sephora that has shadows, lip glosses & all sorts of stuff. I have it in the cabinet under the sink because it's really too big to fit anywhere else.  
In addition to the silverware tray, I have 2 other smaller containers that fit perfectly in the drawer & still leave room for my brush & combs. So far this is working out great. It's easy to find what I'm looking for & I have no problem putting it back where it belongs. I keep all of my hair products & lotions & things in the cabinet under my sink. I'd like to get some sort of shelving system for that area because there's so much wasted space. I need to look into that.

Another minor organizing thing that was on my list is to get my pictures in order. Mission accomplished! I was behind in ordering pictures & the ones I had ordered hadn't been put in albums. I worked on that this week & last & I'm almost finished. I filled up my last album so I need to pick another one up. It may not sound like much but I'm glad it's taken care of & now I'll stay on top of it.

In other news, it's Friday. THANK GOODNESS! It's been a week. We have no plans other than watching the Saints game tomorrow. Hopefully, the outcome will be better than that other game that was played this week. I just don't want to do anything but stay home. It's cold & I don't like cold. I just want to wrap up & lay on the sofa with my Nook! Anyone have any fun plans?



  1. Doesn't it make you feel better when things are organized?! I have a makeup drawer with trays like that. It needs to be cleaned out because dust, makeup and hairspray seem to get in there! Enjoy the weekend. No plans here either!

  2. I need to organize EVERYTHING in my house! Esp our former office which is now just our junk room. It makes me cringe to think about it but we haven't had a single weekend when I have had time to do anything other than the basic chores!

  3. Don't ya love it?? YAY!! Looks great, girl.


  4. You have an awesome stash of make up girl!!!! Love all the organization. Have a great weekend!

  5. Nice job on the organizing. And yes it has been a week!!!! Thank goodness it's over! Did you light a fire and curl up with a book tonight?

  6. Doesn't it feel good to be organized? I just did that before I left too, not by choice but because John emptied all the drawers and put all the contents in plastic bins. That's how he organizes, lol. You are right about the babies. When they were born, they both looked like my SIL, Derek but now, one of them is starting to resemble my daughter....Christine

  7. Looks great! I need to do the same, only I need to throw out a bunch of crap, first!
    I am SICK of this cold weather. I do not want to get dressed or leave the house. I had to go to hockey practice today and sit in that cold rink on top of it! BOO!

  8. Yay, Traci, on your organizing projects! The drawers look great! I just sent you an email with an attachment of an idea for under-sink storage. Let me know if you get it. Have a great relaxing day!