Sunday, January 15, 2012

The LSU Room

It's also an office of sorts. Not that we do any office work in it. We don't. I don't even sit in here to pay bills. Back when we moved into this house 6 years ago we had a desktop computer & this was its home. I've mentioned before that over the last several months this room had become a catch all room. Seriously, stuff everywhere. The before pics are here. Really, really bad. I worked on this room last weekend & it was basically finished but I had boxes to go to Goodwill & trash. I dropped all that stuff off yesterday. This is the view from the door.
I love the brick floor in this room. It's the only room in the house like this. The other side of the room is here.   
The book shelf is full of pictures, shot glasses (I collect them) & other memorabilia. I have dirt from the pitcher's mound at Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the College World Series & I have dirt from Alex Box Stadium which is LSU's home baseball field. My dirt is from the old, original Alex Box that is no longer standing which makes me sad every time I think about it or drive by. I'll never get used to it not being there. Sigh. Enough of that. The big poster is of Rosenblatt Stadium from when we were playing there in 1998. The 5 posters to the left are posters from all of the National Championships. LSU has 6 but I haven't had the 6th poster framed yet. It's on the list, along with a couple of other pictures that I have. This shelf actually has books on it & more pictures & more LSU stuff. See a trend?? The picture below is of the desk area. 
I hate am not a fan of this desk. The book shelf in the above pic matches. Dean bought this not long after we started dating when he bought his first computer. I'd thought about painting it but I've decided to not put a lot of work into it because I want something else. The desk may not look clean to y'all but this is it for the time being. I want some cute desk top organization things but I'm not buying anything until we get a new desk. Pens will be in coffee mugs for the time being. The desk doesn't look very big in this picture but it is. It's too big for what we need. I'd like something smaller but with drawers or cabinets or something. This desk has the pull out tray for the keyboard which is a waste & the printer cabinet that's next to it has 2 file drawers & a tiny little drawer. It would be nice if it were part of the desk but it's a separate piece. We'll see what I can find. I really wish we had IKEA here. This is a picture I bought Dean for our 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary. It's the old Alex Box Stadium.
Up until Saturday it wasn't framed. Pathetic, I know. Anywho, I went to Hobby Lobby Saturday & bought a frame for it. I love, love, love the frame. Of course they were half off so it was only $20. It's an 11x14.

So, I'm very excited to check something else off the 2012 to do list!! I'm linking to the party at  Cottage & Vine.

Cottage & Vine


  1. So cute! Love all the LSU stuff!! And that brick floor is amazing!

  2. I love that brick floor too...very cool...and that frame is kind of reminds me of a tiger, so it goes well! Enjoy your week!!

  3. Great job! Oh my goodness - I know how much work that is since I have a catch-all room, too! I just can't stand the thought of going through it all and when I get started someone calls me away and I have to start and stop and get side-tracked.
    BTW - you need this frame!


  4. Your room is amazing, and I can so see you two having a LSU room, being the devoted fans that you are. Hubby has about that much MSU stuff, but it is packed away for now due to nowhere to put it. I love your brick floor! Congrats on a huge accomplishment for 2012! I'm off to find my paint brush for the day!

  5. Feel free to come on to GA and organize my office, too!!! :) Brandon would like your decor.

  6. The office is a great place to showcase teams and other fun things. Good luck finding a desk. I am on the hunt for one too.

    Thank you for joining the party Traci!


  7. Doesn't it feel great to have everything organized! Love your brick floor!