Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Weekend

Boy was it a snooze fest! Not literally, that would've been better. I had zero naps. Of course I was the one that said not to invite me to do anything because I needed to do some cleaning & cleaning I did. Friday night I wanted fried fish so we ate at The Chimes. It was delish! They have really good spinach & artichoke dip that is served with fried bow tie pasta. SOOOOOO GOOD! Yesterday, I started the day bright & early in the LSU room. Basically, it's an office but we don't do any office work. When we moved in we had a desktop computer & this was where it was located. We have a laptop now.  Over the last several months it's become the catch all room.
Full disclosure here, it was worse but I forgot to take pics when I started.
Some thoughts on this room - YES it's painted yellow - LSU yellow. There's not a lot of wall or shelf space that isn't filled with LSU stuff. I'm pretty sure this room will stay this way as long as we live in this house if for no other reason than the fact that we have no other place to put all of the stuff! It also wasn't cheap to have that stuff framed so it will continue to hang. I spent the majority of the day in this room. I have a couple of boxes to go to St Vincent de Paul or Goodwill & I have a HUGE garbage bag full of trash. The room isn't just LSU, I do have books on the book shelves. Speaking of books, I don't need anymore for awhile. Our printer is also in this room. I cleaned the closet out as well. It's home to the giant wreath that we hang on our gate at Christmas. The wreath is too big to go through the opening to put in the attic. It's not ideal but it works. I didn't take any after pics yet because the boxes to donate are still in there & the desk isn't organized.

We were planning to go to Mass Sat. & then come home & grill steaks while we watched the Saints game but after Church we realized the only thing we had to go with the steaks was green beans & I surely didn't want to go to Walmart so we went to Fat Cow for burgers & fries. It was really good!!

Today's project was one of the hall closets. I forgot to take before pictures. I can be so scatterbrained. This closet holds photo albums, extra picture frames, flashlights, candles - something else I don't need anymore of & assorted junk. I took everything out of it & added to the donate & trash piles. It looks like this now.
Yes, that's paint cans on the floor & they do have paint in them. They'll be moved outside later. I was tired. All the candles that were in the closet have been moved to a cabinet in one of the bathrooms. So aside from Mass & eating out a couple of times this was my weekend. Hope y'alls was better!


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  1. Must have been the weekend for cleaning. Ron went to the camp on Thursday and I spent Friday and Saturday wearing my fingers to the BONE! Talk about exhausted. I DID get a nap today. Oh....and I bought the Chronological Bible for MY Nook yesterday after reading your post. I'm trying to catch up so will do 2 days at a time for a week. I think I am going to like it!