Friday, January 6, 2012


FINALLY!! I talked about how last Thursday was a bad day & I earned my money. Well, this week hasn't been a lot better. Considering it was only a 4 day work week, it's also been the longest week ever. Thankfully, in an hour the work week will be over. We don't have big plans. Actually, the only plans we have are to go to Mass tomorrow & then home to watch the Saints. I do plan to get busy with organizing the house. I may have to drink several cups of coffee to make myself stick with it but I'm determined. Don't anyone invite me to do anything this weekend!

If you've read awhile you'll know I'm part of "The Worst Book Club Ever". For those of you not familiar basically we're a book club that's not really a book club. We started out with a goal to read 50 books in a year. After the first year we decided to each set a goal. My goal for 2011 was 100. I finished with 106. We don't read the same books. Well, sometimes we do but not at the same time. We usually end up not even discussing books when we get together. Everyone brings books & we swap. Well, that's what we used to do but several of us have Nooks or Kindles now so there's not a lot of book swapping going on. It's just fun to get together. Anyway, I set my goal at 100 again. I'm curious to see how this will go since I'm reading the Bible too. So far so good with that. I've read everyday. It's much more interesting than I expected it to be but it still takes a lot of concentration which is why I like how it's divided up by days.

So far I've finished 2 books this year. The first being After The Leaves Fall by Nicole Baart. It was a decent book but it was depressing. It didn't have a happy ending either. It was just a blah book. Not necessarily the way to start a new year.

The second book was 1st To Die by James Patterson.
This is the first in the Women's Murder Club series. I really liked it but there were a couple of times I wished I wasn't reading while I was eating lunch. It also makes you wonder about the authors of these books. Seriously, how do they come up with this stuff? I would be very leery about marrying or dating a mystery writer. I plan to read the whole series but I can't read them back to back because then I start having nightmares & I wake Dean up during the night with my screams. He's not crazy about that. This one had a sad ending too. What's up with all the sadness?? I've decided my next book is going to be this.
SURELY, it won't be sad right??



  1. Ahhhh, I love a good murder book!! I need to read that one by Patterson!! And I'm watching the Saints right now...woohoo!!

  2. The James Patterson book sounds good. I love mysteries. Do you have the Nook or Kindle? I'm thinking about getting one, but haven't pinned it down yet. My plan was to use the IPad, but The Man seems to be using that device quite a lot & I prefer not to have a tug of war over! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. The Women's Murder Club is a great series; you will enjoy it. I love the strong women characters. Just remember, it's a book, not real. :) I haven't read the other series. I'll check that out.