Monday, January 23, 2012

A Project

Our weekend was pretty low key. We went to La Carreta for dinner Friday night. It's one of my favorite places. I love their tortilla soup. Saturday I spent the afternoon with my parents. After Mass, Dean & I decided on Mexican again. I can remember a time not so long ago when I couldn't stand Mexican food, now I'm eating it 2 days in a row! We went to Casa Maria this time & I got Chalupas. I'd never had them & they were soooo good.

Sunday, I worked on a project. More organizing. We have a desk area that's in the hall right off of our kitchen. There are cabinets above the desk too. This is another area that isn't used for its intended purpose. We use it to put stuff. Purses, keys, newspaper that we recycle. UGH! I decided that this would be the perfect spot for a bar/butler's pantry/whatever you want to call it. I cleaned out the cabinets & cubby holes. This was some of the crap.
It didn't take long to get everything out. There were light bulbs, batteries, books & other assorted crap.
That's the modem & phone base. The hubs has informed me that the modem must stay where it is. I can work with that. I'll just stick something decorative in front of it. It just occurred to me that I can move the phone base. I would like some drawers for the cubby holes. They're the perfect size for bar accessories like wine bottle stoppers, swizzle sticks, etc. I have no idea how to go about making drawers. Anyone with any ideas?? I have a china cabinet in the dining room but we also have a ton of assorted glasses that aren't "the good stuff" that I wanted to put in here. I also have some nice Waterford crystal that was still in the boxes in the china cabinet because there wasn't any other place to put them. Now they have a home.
The cabinet on the right has my Christmas crystal & a few huggies & some plastic glasses. The cubby holes are also the perfect size for bottles. In the cubby on the far left is the gate opener & Dean's keys. That's their home for now. We'll work on that later. Can't make too many changes all at once. HA! Here's another shot. One day I'd like to make the cabinets glass front. Again, I'm not sure what's involved & usually when I think something sounds easy it's not.
Keep in mind that this was really hard to photograph because it's in the hall. I just realize that I didn't take a picture of the actual desk top. Oh well, it's just a plain painted desk. When we get slab granite in the kitchen (at some point in the future that I hope is sooner rather than later) I'll have a piece put on the desk too. The desk was also home to the newspapers we recycle until we bring them outside to the big bin. This will be their new home.
I had this basket so I put it in the LSU room, which is just down the hall from the desk area.

By doing this rearranging it gave me more room in my kitchen cabinets so I rearranged some in there too. Next up is the pantry. I'm hoping to get that done next weekend. I can't attempt these things during the week after work because stuff like this takes me FOREVER! 



  1. Wow! Miss Organization, you are!! I swear I drive my husband crazy. Once I get started, I dont stop till it's done. EVEN if I have to stay up half the night.

    It looks great tho! I am sure that my computer area would be a catch all.

  2. Wow, it looks like it was made just for this. I am wanting a few glass front cabinets cut too, and was told mine would be no problem because of the way my cabinet doors are made so that made me a happy girl! As pretty as you have it looking, have you considered taking the cabinet doors off? You know open shelving is one of the "in" things right now, and that way all of your pretties in the cabinet can be seen. Great job!

  3. You are doing great!! You are making good progress.

  4. Wow!! What productivity! I love those little cubbies under your shelves!

  5. Looks great! After our little chat last week I cleaned out ONE cabinet - but it has made me feel better! I need to post on it, too. :)
    Doug has been out of town since Thursday but finally got back last night - I am EXHAUSTED!!

  6. Wow your crystal looks fantastic!!!
    I don't know about drawers, but I was thinking you could probably find little rattan or wicker baskets that would fit in the cubbies and serve the same purpose. Still neat and clean.