Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Randoms

- I'm still annoyed with Les Miles. For those of you not interested in Sports, he's LSU's moronic football coach.

-I went to Yoglates twice so far this week & yesterday walking & sitting was a serious issue. That's what I get for skipping a week. So freakin' sore. I'm going back today.

-People annoy me. Yes, that's right, PEOPLE annoy me. If I post something on FB it's my opinion & it's MY FACEBOOK page. If you don't like it don't read it. Snotty people I work with who don't want to talk to me on a regular basis need not say "Oh I hear you're going on a cruise I want to hear about it because we're going on the same one in April". I don't want to talk to you! People who can't be away from their phone for an hour don't come to Yoglates. They tell you no talking & no phones for a reason. It's ANNOYING! (Disclaimer: None of these annoying people read my blog so don't think I'm speaking about any of you! HA!)

-I'm officially a coffee drinker. Last night I was craving something hot & was so excited when I found a de-caf coffee in the sample pack that came with my Keurig. I want an adorable coffee mug & haven't found one. Any suggestions?

-We got my oil changed & tires rotated Tuesday & it was only $43 at the dealership. I still can't figure out why it was so cheap.

-I'm excited that Real Housewives of OC & Bethenny are starting new seasons soon.

I'm sure you can't tell but I'm a little grumpy. HA! Cold weather does that to me. It's only in the 50's today & tonight it's going to get down to something ridiculous like the teens. UGH!



  1. We like the RH of OC! :) Brandon even watches but don't tell! haha!!

    Hope your mood gets better. It's cold here too and supposed to snow/ice/sleet this evening!! I may get to call in late tomorrow!

  2. LOL, were female, and were entitled to grumpiness when ever we choose!! I need some decaf coffee to drink during the daytime too. Especially on days like today. The wind is blowing sooooo hard, you can't stand to walk outside. I guess blowing the teen temps in here for tonight. Soph and I went to the track this morning just incase it is too cold to go tonight. I just thought we got looks at night, you should see the looks we got in broad daylight! Anyhoo, ya'll stay warm. I have a crock pot full of chili on for supper tonight, and I know I will regret it afterwards, but it is just chili weather right now.

  3. Oh.. I am a RHOC whore! *snort* I seriously can NOT wait for the new season. Looks like a new girl on there.

  4. I TOTALLY know what you mean about the whole Facebook thing. I get annoyed with people on there on a daily basis.

    Can't wait to hear about your cruise! :-P


  5. I LOVE RHOC!! Can't wait!
    I also get regularly annoyed at people on Facebook. For some reason it can bring out the absolute worst in some folks!
    Having your phone in gym is just RUDE unless you have a very sick relative or small child - and even then, you just need to have it handy so you can see if it goes off and quietly step out. NOTHING annoys me more at the gym than for someone to start yapping on the phone in class or even on the treadmill. RIDICK!