Friday, September 17, 2010


Yay for Friday!!! A really big yay for working half a day on Friday!! Yep, that was me. Can you tell how excited I am about that? We've been busy the last few days. Wednesday night we went over to deliver birthday presents to these little ones.
This is Abigail & Gavin. They're twins & Abigail is our Godchild. They turned 4 earlier this month. We gave them Light Brights. The picture isn't the greatest. Abby didn't want to have a photo shoot & Gavin was much too busy making a picture on his new toy.

Last night Dean & I went out to eat. We went to BJ's Brewhouse where I had the best club sandwich I've ever had. What made it so great? It was on Texas toast! All kinds of toasted buttery fattening goodness. It was fabulous. I had leftovers that I ate for lunch today & it was still really good. I don't normally eat left over sandwiches but there was no way I was letting it go to waste.

After dinner we went to the mall. Look at the cute shirt I bought.
It's just a short sleeve t-shirt but I thought the "bling" was really cute.  What was even better was it was only $6.99. You can't beat that for a shirt you wear once a year.

We made another stop at the mall & Dean got this.
I'm sooooo stinkin' jealous!!! I didn't even care all that much about getting the new iPhone until the guy started showing us the greatness that is the 4. It's just full of awesomeness!!! I tried to get Dean to let me have the new phone & he could have my old 3G but he wasn't interested.

So today when I left work I went to do some shopping. While I was stopped at a red light I noticed this sign.
For anyone that doesn't follow SEC football, Les Miles is LSU's coach that won a National Championship a few years ago but has since fallen out of favor with the fans. There are a lot of reasons but pretty much it boils down to football fans are fickle. Ridley is one of the players that has played really well WHEN he's played hence the play on words. You know "Less" Miles, "More" Ridley.....It's safe to say that the majority of the LSU fan base would like this to be Les' last season.

I found some cute stuff shopping. I'll have more on that in another post. When I finished shopping I made a pit stop at Sonic & got a chocolate shake. I just love those things. They're not as good as Chick Fil A but they're close. My next stop was to get my nails done. I've never seen so many people in that place. I just found a seat, drank my shake & played on my phone while I waited. As I was sitting there I noticed this....
Yes, it says "trask can". HAHAHAHA!! I really love the place & the little Vietnamese people that work there are great but obviously they're still learning English!!

Tonight we just hung around the house playing with & updating the iPhones. In case you didn't know, there's a new update for the 3G & 3GS that was just released a few days ago. Supposedly, it makes it faster. I haven't noticed a difference. There's your public service announcement for the day.


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  1. Okay, you are making me laugh with the public service announcements! You need an IPad not an IPhone. Girl that is the best thing. I love mine. I will be pulling for Florida State tomorrow hoping that they look better than last week. UGH!