Friday, September 24, 2010

Master Bedroom

This week at Kelly's Korner, Show Us Your Life is Master Bedrooms. This room is by no means the way I want it to be. It's just last on the never ending "to do list" because nobody sees it.  This is the view when you walk into the room. The door to the right goes out onto the patio. I have several pictures & frames I want to add to the picture wall to the right, I just haven't done it yet.

Yes, the TV is on the chest of drawers. That would be a temporary fix. Granted, 4 yrs. isn't really temporary for most people.  

Here's a pic from the opposit side of the room. We have a vaulted ceiling. It made for a very interesting painting experience!
I see that I need to fix the roman shade on my door. It's hanging funny. The door to the right in this picture is my beloved pocket door that goes into the bathroom. The oil painting is my favorite picture in the house & I keep thinking about moving it to the living room.

The bed. I bought the comforter set several months ago when I decided to switch up my color scheme.
Looking at this picture I see how boring the walls look. Again, this room hasn't been a priority. That stack of magazines on the left night stand are all of Dean's Louisiana Sportsman's . I was going to move them for the picture but then I decided to just keep it real.  That's the way it looks the majority of the time.

Here's a better view of the ceiling. See that nice pretty white beam in the middle? That was the interesting painting experience I spoke of. I do not plan to paint this room for a very long time.

I don't know how the paint looks on everyone's monitors but it's looking kinda orange on mine & the color is definitely not orange. It's the same color I painted my MBA. It's more of a peanut butter color I think. The ceiling is the same color just cut by 50%. In person it all looks the same color even though it doesn't in these pictures.
The window treatments also match in person. I see they look like they don't in the picture. They were a MUST in this room. That window is really big & a lot of light comes in. Especially early in the morning when you're trying to sleep.  The chair & a half is there because it's part of my old living room set & I didn't want to get rid of it. I could do without the ceiling fan but sadly, Dean could not.

This would be my most favorite part of the room.
 I love the view! It would be better if the window were a solid pane of glass but I'll take it like it is.

So that's our bedroom. I can't wait to look at everyone else's.



  1. Hi there! I'm your newest follower!! What a gorgeous view from your lovely master bedroom! I love the color, the curtains, and the carpet. Everthing is so nice. Thanks for sharing! ~Liz

  2. beautiful bedroom!! I love the colors, so warm. it all looks so nice!

  3. Wow you have a huge bedroom! I would love to have those ceilings and all that space. Your view is beautiful too.

  4. I love your beautiful window curtains and view to the pool!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! The closet is from Ikea and I love it. Come back soon!

  5. Your room is beautiful!

    I really like the wall color! It looks like peanut butter on my screen. =) What is the name of the color and brand?


  6. Just as you were leaving your comment I was becoming your newest stalker...I mean follower. Haha! I appreciate that you kept your room real in regards to the stack of magazines. My purse hooks are normally over flowing with purses and look very messy. Before I snapped a picture I threw several of them into my closet! I am such a faker! =)

  7. I had to come back to find those flip flops! =)

  8. Hi there, thanks for the sweet comment! Your bedroom is beautiful and that view couldn't get any better! :)