Saturday, September 11, 2010

Game Day

I think I'm married to a 60  yr. old in a 42 yr. old body. As we watch the LSU game (which isn't pretty by the way), Dean is flipping the surround sound from the game to this radio show he listens to on Saturday afternoons. It's called "The Rhythm & Blues Review". The play a vast array of crap with a couple of ok songs thrown in. Dean has turned my mom & dad onto this show & they "love it". Should a 42 yr. old really like the same music as 61 yr. olds?? I think not.

Today has been a lovely day. I spent a little time in the pool, I took a little nap (which hasn't happened in weeks), I went to Mass so now I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn in the morning, Dean grilled steaks & I'm having wine. It's delightful.

I bought these last weekend at Sam's for our LSU party.  I took this picture today. I can't believe they still look so good!

Yes, the water does have a purple tint. I'm guessing it's because a purple petal fell into it. Either that or Gilda & her crew of Mexicans have some special something or other that they put in it.

I follow BonBon Rose Girls blog. They have all sorts of great fashion tips. Today is Champagne Saturday & I'm linking up. I'm supposed to take a picture of myself wearing some great outfit. Dean & I are at home by ourselves watching LSU. There is no great outfit.
This is all I've got. Aren't they fabulous??? If you really want, you can picture me in a LSU t-shirt & a pair of terry cloth shorts that don't match the shirt or my adorable flip flops. Dean might have just said "what's going on with those shoes & that get up?". You know it's bad when your husband that relies on you to dress him uses the term "that get up". Sigh.

Geaux Tigers!!!



  1. You tell your hubs that those flops rock! Thanks for playing along lady!

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing night! I think I’m 1 in a very small handful of people in the south that do not like football. AHHH I can’t stand it. I try to like it, I really do but I just don’t think it’s in the starts for us (football and I). Cowboys games is tonight and Kent is pumped! I will most likely be cleaning or something of that nature. I get my best work done when he watches football and even go watch a movie or run errands. Dallas is a ghost town when the Cowboys are planning.

    Anyhoo hope you and you’re family are enjoy the last few days of summer!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  3. Hi Traci! I love those sandals! I actually just bought some on Clearance that have an animal print too and they just add a little extra flair. Especially when the rest of my outfit is usually boring! Glad you got to have some nice down-time this weekend!