Friday, September 3, 2010

Cooking Malfunction #.....

There are just way too many to count which is really kind of disturbing being that I don't even attempt to cook on a regular basis. What's even more disturbing is that "some people" (mama & Dean) wouldn't even consider some of this stuff cooking so to have a malfunction while heating or mixing is really bad. However, in my eyes if I'm in the kitchen & I have to stir, add something to something or heat, it's cooking. So, for the last couple of days I've been sick with some sort of stomach bug which required me to eat nothing or a little soup. As luck would have it we had chicken noodle soup on hand from the last time I had a stomach ailment. I distinctly remember the last time I ate it that it was incredibly salty. Coming from me that's saying a lot. All of you cooks out there I'm sure just figured out exactly where I'm going with this, Dean did. Anyway, I got the can of soup out yesterday & for whatever reason I actually read the directions. Generally, I'm not a direction reader unless of course said directions are a recipe. In that case I read them over & over & over again just to make sure I don't do anything wrong which I inevitably do. Lo & behold the directions say that I'm supposed to add water to the soup. Well, that's interesting. I can honestly say I've never ever added water to any soup I've ever made. When I say made, I mean opened the can. Apparently, that was the problem because this soup had the perfect amount of salt. Go figure.

We have neighbors coming over for the LSU game tomorrow. Dean is going to BBQ hamburgers & hot dogs. Dean makes the absolute BEST hamburgers ever!!! I love football parties & one of the best things about hosting is since we're providing the main course I don't have to make side dishes, everyone is bringing something. This means I don't have to cook anything. No cooking = no cooking malfunctions. I believe one a week is plenty! I'll get all the fixings for the burgers & call it a day!

Earlier in the week I mentioned that our Internet at home wasn't working & AT&T was sending a new modem. It was to be delivered Tuesday. Well, Tuesday came & went with me watching the UPS truck drive by numerous times without stopping at my house. It arrived Wednesday & it still doesn't work. This time Dean got on the phone with the Habeebs. Sunday when I called I actually had a guy that could speak fairly good English but I know nothing about filters, Ethernet lights or anything else that has anything to do with hooking up the Internet. I also didn't think there was any way I'd get 2 people that could speak English in one week. As luck would have it, this guy spoke better than my guy. Dean had him on speaker which is how I could tell. Sunday's guy said he didn't think it was the line. Wednesday's guy said he absolutely thinks it the line. What's the end result? As of this morning still no Internet. AT&T is sending out a guy today to check out the line. There's a 20% chance it's inside the house. Yeh, that means there's a 20% chance that I'm going to have to cough up some cash for this little service call. I only paid something like $10/mo. for years for that inside wiring protection plan only to cancel it awhile back because we never used it & I had far better things to do with that $10. Hopefully, it will be working when I get home.

Speaking of better things to do with $10/mo., I'm stopping for a mani & pedi on my way home. I've needed both for awhile but I was trying to wait until we were finished painting. Yes, I had paint on my toes. That happens when you paint in flip flops & barefooted. Anyway, all nails should be looking good for the Football/Pool Party tomorrow!



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  1. We are watching the game, too! :) And we're going next week to Vandy.... but your party sounds like a lot of fun!