Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Long Weekend

It's been a busy few days. Thursday night we went downtown to the United Way Jambalaya Cook Off. We had such a good time. There were a bunch of teams cooking & they were set up all around downtown. A lot of the bars had "specialty" drinks to sample. I don't eat jambalaya so Dean sampled it & I sampled drinks. Some of which were really good, others not so much. Since I don't eat jambalaya I picked up pizza at Schlitz & Giggles. It was DELISH!!!

Dean & I were both off yesterday & we had a lovely day. We started off at the Ashley store. 5 years ago when we moved into this house I had to buy a table, chairs & bar stools for our kitchen/breakfast area. I didn't know any better & bought it all at the Ashley store. I learned my lesson when I had issue after issue with the delivery of the furniture. Anyway, I also bought a protection plan that "covers EVERYTHING". Guess what? It doesn't cover everything. My lovely leather bar stools are tearing & I find out they're not leather but a "leather blend" meaning they're pleather, pretend leather. So, I contacted the protection plan people (say that 3 times fast) & I had to email pictures only to have them tell me that what's happening is normal wear & tear & that's not covered. However, if someone would've sliced into them with a knife, THAT would've been covered. Go figure. Looks like I have another recovering project in my future. The good news is since I wasn't able to use the warranty & the 5 years just expired I get a store credit for the price of the plan, $149. While I swore I would never, ever, ever buy anything else from the Ashley store I was not leaving $149 on the table. So, off we went with the hopes of finding some accessories or a picture. Something that would leave with us. You can't get much for $149 at a furniture store. Here's what I got.

and this

See, I didn't get a lot. Now, I just need to find some candles for this piece.

We went to Cabela's for Dean to buy a fishing thing. This isn't a place I'm very fond of. There are just too many dead animals looking at me. I bought fudge so that made it a little better. I've refrained from eating it. I'll have it for dessert tonight during the LSU game. Dean is frying fish & shrimp!!

Speaking of food....which is pretty much all I've done in this post....

Yep, that's what you think it is. A Chick fil A chocolate shake with whipped cream! We stopped there for lunch. This is the first time I've actually been to the restaurant. Normally, I eat at the one in the mall. I've seen the drive thru line before but I didn't really understand the madness. I do now! I've never seen such a thing! People were everywhere, the drive thru was wrapped around the building. The people at Chick fil A have a good thing going. I ordered & had my food in less than 5 minutes. It was sooo good!!!

We spent the afternoon watching stuff on the DVR that we missed Thursday night. I also managed to fit in a nap. Last night we went back downtown to Live After Five with our friends Cliff & Sheri. The band was good but it was much too hot. Amazing how comfortable the breeze was Thursday night but so hot last night. We listened for awhile & then made our way to dinner. We ate at Capital City Grill. They have the best crab cakes ever!!!  After dinner we had martini's at the rooftop bar at Tsunami. It's so pretty up there. You can see Tiger Stadium & the river. We took pictures with "someone's" brand new iPhone 4 but "someone" somehow managed to have it on video rather than just the camera so needless to say, no pics. By the way, that someone wasn't me.....

This morning we had a funeral to go to for our friends' dad. It was a very nice service with good music. This afternoon we went to Mass since the LSU game doesn't kick off until 8:15. We didn't want to get up early tomorrow.  That's been our long weekend!

Oh, thanks to everyone for the camera advice. It helped a lot!



  1. Traci, you have been busy. You haven't had chic fil a before?? Wow, we have one down the street from us. Have it too much. Try the cookies and cream shake. It is really good!

  2. Hi Traci, sounds like you had a lot of fun, my kind of a weekend, doing lots of variety things. I cannot believe you do not eat jambalaya living in Louisiana! Sorry about your Ashley experience, we didn't have bad luck with them. Love your purchases though...Christine

  3. I have heard others complain about Ashley too. I will stay away from them!