Monday, September 20, 2010

Master Bathroom Redo

Finally!  I call this "Phase I". "Phase II" consist of me painting the cabinets. I hope that will happen in the next few months but who knows.

Here's a before picture. The door goes into our bedroom. It's a pocket door & I LOVE that! The paint is green. Kinda hard to tell in the pictures.

This is the bathroom from the door of our bedroom. Excuse all the stuff everywhere but I didn't remember to take the pictures until I had all my painting supplies out. Yes, that light fixture at the far end of the bathroom only has 2 globes as opposed to the 3 spots. The little plastic piece that holds the globe on cracked so we took it down before it fell. I'm sure that would've been during the middle of the night & scared us half to death because you know that's the only time stuff like that happens.

The window above my tub

Another view from the far end of the room.

This is a piece that my sis-in-law, Beth made & gave to us as a wedding gift. It's hard to see in the picture but it's really pretty in person.

Now the after.....

I painted the walls, put up new lights, spray painted all of the accessories (towel rings, bars, chair, etc.) & recovered the chair.  You can't really see the paint color all that well.

Here's a closeup of the lights.

I LOVE THEM!! I ordered them from CSN.

This is a better picture of the wall color. It's called Wooden Swing by Behr. I spray painted the Fleur de Lis oil rubbed bronze & then went over it in spots with Antique Gold craft paint.

I think the chair turned out really good. This was the first thing I've ever reupholstered. Dean helped me & it didn't take any time at all, once we got a staple gun.

The fabric has a lot of dark brown in it. I bought it at Hobby Lobby on sale. Here's my window over the tub. The curtains look so good with the new wall color.


  1. It looks great! Can't wait to see phase II. If you have any great tips for painting cabinets that are already painted I'd love to hear them. I'm in the middle of a guest bath re-do, and the cabinets clearly need a new coat.

  2. Traci, I love the new wall color and the new lights. Very nice. I ordered mine from csn, too. My chandy over the tub actually has the same hanging things in the same color. I took them off though after they were on for a while. I thought I was already following you, but wasn't. I am now.

  3. Looooove the new light fixture. Fabulous redo lady!

  4. Beautiful room, Traci! You did a wonderful job!! Dont'cha just love CSN?? lol! Happy MM!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  5. Traci, I love your bathroom redo phase one! Your wall color is similar to my master bath color. Very warm. Your little chair looks great too!

  6. Traci, Your bathroom makeover is beautiful! I love the new light fixtures! You did a great job!

  7. WOW! Traci, I love this bathroom makeover! It is just gorgeous and those light fixtures are dreamy! You did an awesome job on everything!

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