Monday, September 13, 2010


I had such good intentions this weekend. I was going to finally finish my bathroom redo but alas, that didn't happen due to lack of a staple gun. Hopefully, it will be completely finished this weekend. Phase 1 that is.

I also planned to put out my fall decor & I even went to Hob Lob Friday & bought more. That didn't happen either. It's not that I was oh so busy without any time to spare. I pretty much had nothing but time all weekend, which was lovely by the way. This would be why there are no fall decorations.
This was Friday on my way home from Hob Lob at 5:45! Seriously! Needless to say I can't decorate for fall when it feels like it's the middle of the summer with no end in site.

In my game day post I forgot to show y'all my adorable flag.
I love it! The emblem is called Fleur de Tigre. A local artist, Stacy Blanchard,  did the design & now it's all over shirts, pictures, flags, jewelry, you name it. We put it out on game days. I'd like to leave it out but it would fade into a hot mess in no time with our heat.

I hope everyone had a good Monday.



  1. I'm with you, so hard to take out fall decorations when the weather is so nice! Maybe I'll get a wreath out :)
    Glad I could help with some craft idea organization!
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Hey there ... thanks for stopping by and leaving such a kind note about my kitchen Fall decor! You are SO lucky to have a Hobby Lobby so close; however, I had to chuckle seeing your picture above of the temp. reading in your car! Yes, it's hard to get in the Fall mood when it's boiling hot outside. Hopefully, you'll get to HL soon ... look forward to seeing what you find. I'm jealous!! Take care, Becca

  3. Now you know... When it reads 98...that's a good day. :)

  4. It was 91 degrees here today and going to be 92 tomorrow! I was looking forward to a lower electric bill, but it is not to be! Even though I've put out a few fall things, I haven't done the front porch yet... My neighbors would think I am crazy! Wish the pool was open still... 90 isn't too bad when the humidity is low! Hope you get cooler weather soon.