Sunday, September 19, 2010


I spent the afternoon in Central today. First I went & hung out with Logan. Then I made the long commute across the street to my parents & hung out there for awhile. This one stop shopping is great!!

I've said before Logan is a dare devil. Here he goes again. Logan's been sick all week but he was in a really good mood today & seemed as though he was feeling good.

He's at the age that he wants to do everything himself. That includes feeding himself. The only problem is that he doesn't hold the spoon correctly & by the time he gets it to his mouth there's nothing in it! It's not long before he resorts to this....

Yes, he's eating his mama's FANTASTIC homemade Mac & Cheese with his hands.

He's enjoying it a lot.

No, his teeth aren't rotting! It's just the picture. HAHA!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did! I'm excited that Dean & I are both off Friday. I love a short work week.



  1. Such cute shots you got of him. I am sure that tastes good with or without a spoon. Have a great week.