Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AT&T is the DEVIL!!!

Saturday was the kickoff to the college football season. Around here that's a really big deal. LSU played in Atlanta Saturday night. We had a party with our neighbors. Aside from a few minor issues everything went well & fun was had by all. The game? Well, LSU won by the skin of their teeth but that's about all you can say about that.

Remember our Internet was supposed to be fixed Saturday? Yeh, well, it wasn't. More on that later. Sunday, Dean & I went to my parents. While Dean & my dad moved stuff, me & my mom went shopping for a few odds & ends that se needed. I didn't buy a thing. That doesn't happen often. My mom was also having problems with her Internet so when we got back she called AT&T. Her & Dean were on the phone with those people for 3 hours straight. It was absolutely ridiculous. FINALLY, the problem was fixed. While Dean was on the phone with them he had them check the status of our problem. Art (don't you love the way all these people in the foreign countries change their names to something "American"?? Apparently, they think we're all stupid & we won't realize they are foreigners by their accents. The thing is, I don't care if they're foreign or what their name is. I just want my Internet fixed!!!). Anyway, Art says it's being worked on. Well, when we got home it appeared to be working. That is until you actually try to get on the Internet & then you realize that you have to set up a whole new network. Fine. Dean did that. Except that didn't work either. What's that mean??? It means he had to call AT&T AGAIN!!! This time he was on the phone for an hour. At some point during the conversation "David" had to transfer Dean to "Carl" in "Level 2 Support".  We can't figure out how the earlier 3 hr. call didn't require Level 2 Support?? Maybe that was the problem. Thankfully, everything appears to be working fine now. AT&T really needs to get their stuff together.

We had a quiet Labor Day. I went with my mom shopping for a new sofa. We also went to visit my friend/Dean's cousin-in-law, Leslie & her baby Sam. They moved into a new house recently so we went to see it & visit for a bit. Sam is so cute & she was very excited to see us!
I haven't figured out yet if she looks like her mama or daddy.

The rest of the afternoon was spent laying around. We were in the pool for awhile but then it started storming. As much as I'm ready for some cooler weather, I'm not ready for the pool to be too cold to swim in. Sadly, it's getting close to that.



  1. Apart from your internet being down, it sounds like you enjoyed your weekend with everyone. We had a relaxing, almost do nothing long weekend!
    Sometimes you just need that! Wish this weather would hang around for awhile!

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