Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shrimp Dip

This is one of those post that don't happen often. A recipe. By now, I think everyone knows I'm not a cook but this is a really easy thing to make. Well, once you get the ingredients that is. A few posts ago I talked about my cooking malfunctions. This recipe had a malfunction but I don't think it was entirely my fault. I'll get to that. Here are the ingredients.

16 oz sour cream

8 oz cream cheese
8 oz envelope ranch dressing mix
2 cans tiny shrimp (rinse them)
chopped green onions(optional)
few drops of tabasco
tonys seasoning - (or any type of cajun seasoning)
a drop or two of crab boil

Looking at this list I'm sure you're thinking what in the world would I have a problem with?? That would be the 8 oz. envelope of ranch dressing mix. There wasn't an 8 oz. envelope. This is when I have problems, when I have to veer off on my own & make a decision. First, I tried calling my friend that gave me the recipe only to have her not answer the phone. It was all up to me. There were 16 oz. envelopes, there was an 8 oz. jar, not to mention on all of the envelopes there was net weight & how much the envelope of stuff makes onces it's mixed with other stuff. Talk about confusing for a non cook. I made an executive decision to get the 16 oz. envelope because that seemed to be the standard size. I started thinking that my friend had made a typo. Next step is just mix all of the stuff together & chill it. That's it. Seriously, how easy is that??

I made the dip for our Fantasy Football Draft we had a couple of weekends ago. I thought that I did everything right because there was only enough dip left for a couple of crackers. When I spoke to my friend she informed me that last time she made the dip she also couldn't find the 8 oz. packet so she bought the 16 oz. & used half. Hmmm. I could've done that. So, if you want to make the dip I'll let you determine whether you want 8 or 16 oz. of Ranch dressing mix or maybe even somewhere in between. I served it with Ruffles.


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  1. Looks good and looks quite simple, my kind of recipe. Thanks Traci!...Christine