Thursday, September 9, 2010


I had to go to the eye doctor today. It was just my yearly check up & to get new contacts. I've been going to the same Dr. for years. When I checked in today the receptionist lady asked if all of my information was the same which it was & then she said "OK, I need to get a picture." HUH?? I thought maybe I misunderstood until she pulled up this little camera thingy that was hooked to her computer & asked if I was ready. Yeh, well, as ready as I can be taking a picture at the eye doctor. I can only imagine what this picture looked like with sunglasses on my head & a look of utter disbelief on my face. Oh well, moving on. They called me back to the room & do all the normal things. The Dr. comes in, checks me out, puts that yellow goop in my eyes to check for glaucoma which, thankfully, I don't have. Shockingly, my prescription didn't change this year. He tells me there are some new contacts out that he thinks I'll like. They don't dry out & he's going to give me a pair to wear for a week to see how I like them. He tells me one of the tech ladies will be in to "irrigate" my eyes & get the new contacts. Well, a little bit later here comes a lady. The first thing she says to me is "you're squinting at me". Keep in mind I don't have contacts in & without my contacts I can see nothing. Seriously, this woman looked like a blob. Of course I was squinting at her. She starts the whole irrigation process which I absolutely hate! I've worn contacts since I was 11 yrs. old & I still have a problem putting any kind of drops in my eyes. Even before I wore contacts I couldn't open my eyes under water. Anyway, just a little background about why I hate the irrigation process. So, she's irrigating & commenting on how she's sorry & that she's almost done. I told her how I still have a problem putting anything other than my contacts in my eyes & she said something very, very strange. She said "Oh, well you're really not going to like it when I put the contacts in.". I wasn't sure what she was talking about. Soon enough I found out. She told me to lean back & she proceeded to attempt to put my contact in my eye. This has never ever happened except for the very first time I got contacts. I didn't say anything but I wasn't liking this one bit. When she couldn't get the left one in after several tries I asked why exactly she was putting them in to which she answered "Because I need to check your vision with them in." DUH!! I know that. I wanted to know why she was LITERALLY  putting the contacts in my eyes. So I said "oh yeh, I know that, I was just wondering why you were putting them in instead of me doing it because I've never had this happen before". She said "really? I need to check your vision". Obviously, she didn't get it. Finally after several tries she got the other contact in, I read the eye chart & hauled it out of there. Just really, really strange.

Tonight the NFL season kicks off with the Saints playing. We're watching all the festivities on TV & listening to Spike Lee. He needs to just go away. He's nothing but a publicity seeker. Tracy Porter has a very interesting hair do. His head looks like a spider web. How do they do that??

Moving on, after setting the line up for No Thugs, I'm not liking our chances this year. It looks like we're not going to do well in the Running Back area.



  1. Traci, that was kind of weird wasn't it. They don't put any goo in my eyes to check for glaucoma. Just the puff of air in the eye and I have never had my eyes irrigated. I wear contacts, too, but my vision isn't that bad. I wear the new multi focal ones. I had perfect vision all my life until my mid forties. Yuck.

  2. wow seriously weird! YAY for football!

  3. Weird is right. I have been putting in my own contacts since I was fifteen. That would be the day I let someone else do it again. I'm sorry Traci.

    Thank you for you kind words on my weight loss!