Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Victory is Ours!!!

I sound like Les!! For those of you not in my area or familiar with LSU or Les Miles I'll explain. For whatever reason he uses the word "Victory".  A LOT. He can never say they won, or they need to win. It's always VICTORY! It's just weird. Anywho, No Thugs won this week!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!! Some of you may be asking what I'm talking about? Others may be thinking, who cares what I'm talking about? Regardless, I'm talking about our fantasy football team, No Thugs. My friend Wendy & I are co-owners of the team. We haven't been very successful this season but it is only week 3. We are very excited to have won. Not only because it's our first win this season but we beat one of the guys that generally does ok AND we scored the most points of all the teams!! Granted, a few of our players had "career games" & will quite possibly never again play as well as they did Sunday but we'll take it! If nothing else, we're guaranteed to not go winless.

On another note, I need some help. I'm having a love/hate relationship with some birds. I guess technically it's a full on hate/hate relationship because there's just not much to like about them. We have columns across the front of our house &  as long as we've lived there birds are nesting on top of the columns in the small space between the porch ceiling & the top of the column. When I say nesting, I mean building a nest while dropping nest building materials in my pretty landscaping, then actually hanging out in the nest & laying eggs & then baby birds are actually born. Have you ever seen a baby bird after hatching??? EEEWWW! They're so not cute. They're also killing their babies before they're born because I often find cracked eggs when I'm pulling weeds. The main reason that I'm hating these birds is because they're doing their bird business all over my columns & even my front door occasionally. It's disgusting! 

The birds weren't happy with just defacing the front of my house, they've now moved into the patio. The spot of choice there is the ceiling fans. When this first started all you had to do was to flip the switch & turn the fans on & they'd take off. Not the ideal solution being that I can't stand around the light switch all day long. Well, now the birds apparently think the fans are a nice little carousel ride because they don't even flinch when you turn them on! So, now I have birds doing their bird  business on my ceiling fans, patio furniture & patio!  I've tried to find a solution & aside from sitting out there with a sling shot or a gun, I haven't been successful. Any ideas??

Before PETA hears about this, I'm not totally against the birds. I have no problem with them using the waterfall in the pool as a bird bath. Well, I have a little bit of a problem with it but I realize it's really hot & they need to cool off. What I really want is no more bird "stuff" all over my stuff!!!



  1. Congratulations on your fantasy football team...you're the first gal I know who's in one! My husband, sons and all their friends are in these!As for the birds...I know this might not be an ideal solution, but for a while....until they get trained not to go there...could you clean out their mess and put chicken wire or something that will keep them out? We did this with a couple doves that just had to roost in the eaves on the side of the house and it worked...they left and haven't been back.

  2. Sorry about the bird problem. I came out to a nice present from one all over my car yesterday!

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  4. We had the bird problem on the front porch between the top of the columns and the porch roof. My husband put new column tops on front porch columns that eliminated the gaps. Yay! No poop to clean up this year! I'm not sure what you do for the ceiling fan. Maybe glue some plastic spikes to the top of the blades?

  5. Traci, I am sorry for laughing at your bird problem, but you DID laugh at my SHOE problems! LOL. Anyway....my suggestion is RUBBER SNAKES! Coil them up and stuff them in the space on top of the columns so nobody can see them but the birds. On the fans, oh just toss them up there and let them dangle. I think that would be just as much of a conversation piece as "Watch this...." (flipping fan on and starting the carousel ride for the birdies, who then have to poop, which then flies all over the patio) I am almost rolling on the floor thinking of those little stinkers RIDING THOSE BLADES! Little surfer dudes! Hahahahaha!