Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pretty Random & All Over The Place

Another busy weekend & no home internet has led to a blog lapse.  Thankfully, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Friday when I left work I went straight to my parents new house. I went across the street to see Logan for a little bit. He was in such a good mood! He does a lot of hugging now which is really sweet. Back across the street I went to join in the painting fun! We made a lot of progress & were able to take Saturday off which worked out well because I had our Fantasy Football Draft. I also had birthday gifts to buy so I stopped at Target on the way to Allison's for the draft. The toy dept. at Target on a Saturday is NOT a place I ever want to be again. It was madness. I picked out some gifts & got out of there as quick as I could.

The draft was a lot of fun for about the first 2 hours then, not so much. That's what happens when you have the 12th pick & the draft starts an hour late because one of the guys had to go to a shower with his girlfriend but that's another story. Anyone wondering how many picks per round there are?? That would be 12. Yep, we were last. This is when you see how differently the men think. They all kept telling us that was good because we get 2 picks in a row the whole draft. For those of you not up on the latest fantasy football draft etiquette, it goes picks 1-12, then 12-1 & continues that way for 16 rounds. Well, it's not good to be last & it doesn't matter that you get 2 picks in a row because basically you sit there figuring out who you want only to have them all taken when they get to you & then you have to come up with 2 players. The ONLY time this can be considered a little bit of a good thing is the first round. If you're still with me being last means you sit & sit & sit & then you pick & then you sit & sit some more & then pick. It makes for a boring draft. Oh, there actually is another time when it's good to be 12. In the 15th round. That means you get the last pick of round 15 & the first pick of round 16 & then you're done. At that point you get to eat. Not that we didn't eat before & during! There was some really good food. We had pizza, wings, dips, chips & cookies.

This is the draft board.
We're fancy huh?? Don't be too impressed, the board kept falling off the wall.

Andrea was Vanna. She was in charge of putting all picks on the board. She did a fabulous job & of course she had running commentary which was absolutely hilarious!! Remember, she is the FUNNIEST person I know!

How did we fare in the draft you ask? Well, we think so-so. On paper we have a decent QB, Philip Rivers. We'll just have to wait & see. We did decide to forgo the "No Thugs" rule that we put in place last year. We're sticking with the name though. There was some debate about what a thug actually is. Yes, a guy that has 6 kids with 8 different women isn't exactly high in the moral fiber area but he's not a thug. Same goes for the players that accidentally shoot themselves. I say thug because you have a gun on you in a nightclub but then again you didn't shoot anyone but yourself. See the dilemma? We'll see how the season plays out. Wendy & I really want to win so we can shut up some of those men that think we don't have a clue. 

Here's Andrea & her fiance Andrew. They've joined our league for the first time.

When I got home Saturday night Dean informed me that the internet wasn't working. The power went out for just a minute & when it came back on it wasn't working. This isn't an end of the world type problem because I do have my iPhone. Dean unplugged the modem & we were just going to see if it would start working again. We went back to Central Sunday to paint. We were also able to visit with Logan again. 

He thought he was something else. He climbed up here all by himself. Of course his daddy was right there. Logan is a little daredevil. What I didn't get in the picture is when he got to the top he let go & put both hands in the air. I see a lot of emergency room visits in his future!

Sadly, when we got home & plugged the modem back in the internet was still not working. I had to call AT&T. Of course I was connected to someone in India or Saudi Arabia or somewhere. Luckily, this guy spoke pretty decent English. It was just like when I have a computer problem at work & we call the IT guys. They say reboot & think that should solve all problems. Needless to say after a 30 minute phone call he's sending us a new modem. Hopefully, that is the problem. It should be delivered via UPS today.

Due to the fact that I stayed up too late Sunday night watching Swamp People, I couldn't stay up to watch the Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show. I knew that I needed to watch it this morning because all my peeps would want to discuss & they talk about it on the radio. I wonder what it says about me that I put my hair in a ponytail so that I'd have time to watch before work this morning?? Did anyone else watch??? Danielle is INSANE! I can't wait until next week!!! I wish they'd just put the shows on back to back nights. All this waiting a week is crazy nuts!

So I guess that pretty much catches me up on what's been going on. Not too much excitement.



  1. Okay, did swamp people just start? We watched it too. FUNNY!

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Terri. I don't know much about football. My hubbby I think gave up in explaining it to me., He used to get sugar packets and line them up on the table whenever we eat out to explain how it works but I could never get it, lol. I just was never interested. Thanks for stopping by and for your nice compliment on the painting. I bought it on sale in Chicago. I wish I could paint something like that....Christine