Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No More Traffic!!

I didn't realize that it had been a week since I blogged. I still don't have bathroom pictures. I hope to remedy that at some point this weekend. That trip to Hob Lob I had to make finally happened yesterday. Well, let me back up. It happened for the first time Friday night. Dean & I had dinner at Casa Maria which just happens to share a parking lot with Hobby Lobby. After we ate we walked over. The candles weren't on sale. I refuse to buy candles at Hob Lob if they're not on sale. Simply because I know they will be on sale in the near future, probably the next week. Sure enough in the ad in Sunday's paper all the candles are 50% off. I went yesterday & fought ridiculous traffic to get there. What happened? All the red candles have been moved to the Christmas area of the store & they weren't on sale. Needless to say I was a bit perturbed. I made an excutive decision after it took me 35 minutes to get home from Hobby Lobby which is a 15 min. drive tops. I will not be making stops after work anymore.

Seriously, it's always something. Yesterday, an 18 Wheeler overturned on the interstate & it was closed for like 14 hours so that meant every surface street in town had even more traffic than normal. Today there was a naked man threatening to jump off a bridge which caused a lane of a major road to be shut down while they attempted to talk this guy down. This may sound really insensitive but I don't think the guy really wanted to jump. If he did, he would've. I think the talking him down was a waste of time & manpower. I'm just thankful I don't have to travel that way. Can you imagine driving down the road & seeing a naked man on a bridge???

We had a very busy weekend. My parents closed on their house Friday so Saturday morning we headed over to do some painting. I should add that Dean & my parents headed over to the house & I headed to get my hair cut & highlighted. Once that was done I joined them. We  painted & painted & painted some more & we're not done but we're getting close. Sunday was more of the same. Scott was able to get their yard cut & the front landscaped. It looks so much better. Am I the only one annoyed when people don't clean the house & cut the grass before they move out?? It just seems like a crappy way to welcome someone to their new home.

The house is across the street from Scott, Lydia & Logan which means we saw a lot of the little man this weekend.
  He'd just woken up from his nap which is why he was being so still. He's CONSTANTLY on the move.

See what I mean? At one point he grabbed a paint brush & headed straight for the paint. He didn't seem to understand that it wasn't as fun as it looked!

I just thought this one was too cute! He loves to go for wagon rides.

This weekend aside from painting, I have my Fantasy Football Draft. Wendy & I are once again teaming up. We hope to have a better team this year since we know more about what we're doing. 

Wow, I didn't realize life had been so boring lately!!



  1. Traci, you are too funny!Sounds like my life these past few weeks of getting ready for school to start for my girls. I am ready for a vacation!

  2. That's how I am with candles at Michaels!

  3. OH... don't get me started on this SUPID A$$ traffic. AND..the naked jumper was from Livingston parish. I'm sure that explains it. HAHAHA. I think they talked him down. And hopefully to put on clothes. OH and that's one cute little boy. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Boy! You've been bsuy, Traci. I cannot believe all that's happening in your lttle town, a naked man? LOL! If he just wanted to commit suicide, why be naked? I have been meaning to go to Hobby lobby to buy some frames but I never get a chance...Christine