Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Few Things

I'm exhausted. More on that in a minute.

The ice maker is in fact broken. I do not like filling ice trays. I use a lot of ice so I'm filling trays alot. Hopefully we'll have a new one soon.

It's not even 8:30 & I'm in bed & will surely be asleep by 9:00. Pathetic? Absolutely! Yet I will still be asleep by 9:00.

The reason for all this exhaustion??

Yep, that's a can of paint. I decided to paint the master bath. I've been planning to do it for awhile. Dean went to Texas this weekend to fish in a tournament with some friends. I decided to surprise him with the paint job! Normally, I have all these big ideas on things I want to do & Dean is my voice of reason. He's also the setter upper of whatever project I've got going. Since he always helps me without complaint, well with minimal complaints, I wanted to give him a break.

With only one unscheduled trip to Walmart & one to Home Depot, the bathroom is finished! I guess I shouldn't say finished. I'm finished painting. I still have to hang towel bars & things. I'm in the process of spray painting all of that stuff. Here's a sneak peek.

One thing I hated about painting without Dean is that I had to clean the brushes & rollers! He always does that part. I was ready to just throw everything in the trash! After I did all that I lugged the ladders back to the utility room & put everything up. I didn't want to leave anything laying around to let Dean know what I'd done. I wanted to see his reaction when he walked in the bathroom & saw it. So what happens when he gets home? He goes in the utility room to put up his fishing poles & immediately asked me what I used the ladder for. WTH??? I asked why he thought I used the ladder. "Because it's not in it's place", he says. Ugghhh the beauty of being married to someone so observant! What's really bad is that I made sure I put all of the painting supplies where they belong so he wouldn't notice. Oh well. He was impressed that I did it all myself. Tomorrow I will be doing nothing!! I need to get a manicure. My very pretty "Dancing in the Isles" polished nails now have a brown tint!

See why I'm exhausted???


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  1. You will be so happy when it is done. I don't like cleaning the rollers and brushes either.


  2. I feel your pain lady. We remudded and painted our bath last month and it was brutal!

  3. Congratulations on painting your bathroom by yourself! I can't wait to see the photos!

  4. I am with you- there is NOTHING worse than cleaning the rollers and brushes after painting! Yuck!!! :) Post some pics of the bathroom!