Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There was a casualty!

We're done with the lights!! Wooo Hoooo!!! So happy! We finished hanging them Monday & as of this morning when I left for work they were still there.  I really like them. I don't have pictures yet because I need to make a Hob Lob stop to pick up some new candles. Unfortunately, I didn't make it out unscathed.

My poor, poor nails! You can't really see but the second nail is a little chipped too. This happened because the inside of the glass globes is some sort of rough material & when I was screwing in the light bulbs my nails were in the way. I think doing one or two would've been fine but I had (3) 3 globe lights. Needless to say I need to have it fixed. The color is OPI's "Your Villa Or Mine" & I really like it so I'll just stop by the nail place & have them re-paint the 2 messed up ones.

I did a good deed today. Well, some of you may argue the point but it was a good deed in my eyes. Let me back up. I don't like cats. Like, I really, really don't like them. I never have. I'm a dog person & always have been. It oogs me out the way cats walk all over everything. This morning when I got to work there were a couple of people standing around the car of a co-worker looking under her hood. I just figured that she was having some sort of car trouble. As I started walking to the building she told me that she'd driven all the way from Central (about a 45 min. drive) with a cat under her hood. I asked if it was alive & she said yes, it meowed the entire drive. Of course I busted out laughing at that. Sorry, I couldn't help it. You have to admit it's a little funny. Anyway, they couldn't get the cat out. My thought was to just leave the hood up & go about your day. The cat found a way in, he'll find a way out. When I got to my office I told one of the ladies that works with me about it. She's a HUGE animal lover/rescuer. She keeps food, cages & meds in her car just in case. People are always dropping animals off to her. She moved to the country so that she could have a rescue organization on site. I thought she may entice the cat with some food. Off she went & off to the window went me & a couple of other co-workers to watch how this played out. The next thing we know, "Rescue Lady" is laying on the ground under the car & a couple of people are holding umbrella's over her because of course it started raining. The next thing we know one of the guys that's attempting to help takes off running. That's a whole different story in itself. This guy's nickname is Barney Fife. He was the "security" person at our office & his truck was stolen while he was on duty in the middle of the day but I digress. So, he comes running back & we see that he has either a wrench or a screwdriver. He joins "Rescue Lady" on the ground & the next thing you know she's up with the cat. Apparently, the cat had climbed into the front bumper  that runs around the corner of the car by the tire & made himself at home. Security guy was running to get the tool because rescue lady was holding the cat by his feet so he would stay put until they could get the bumper off. 

Some of you may be asking how that was a good deed for me but they may still be down there trying to get the cat out if I wouldn't have notified "Rescue Lady".



  1. OMG, what a story, poor little cat! I can't believe it survived! Your nails are really pretty, oh the days of going to the nail lady every 2 weeks, how I miss it :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. That is something!! The poor little kitty. The rescue lady sounds like someone really special. I can't get the visual out of my head. lol

  3. That cat is lucky to be alive! My sister's cat was asleep up inside the engine compartment and my sister started the engine to back up the car out of the garage. The cat got sliced up --I got a call around midnight that night & we took the cat the er- about $5,000 later the cat was fine and lived until it was 20 years old. My sister doesn't have any kids and loves her 2 cats!