Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Laid Plans....

You know what they say about those.....So, I attempted to hang all of the towel bars & stuff in my bathroom only to discover that I someone managed to lose a couple of screws. No problem right? WRONG. I didn't lose the regular size screws. I lost the teeny tiny tiny ones. I still didn't think this was a problem, Dean did. I'd just buy some replacements at Lowe's. Dean said he was sure they didn't have them. I assured him that he was wrong.  Well? Yeh, I was wrong. Typical. They don't have anything even close. Needless to say the towel bars haven't been hung. This could lead to me just buying new which I didn't want to do because for some reason that stuff is really expensive! I bought replacements for the other two bathrooms before I knew the greatness of spray paint so I'd really like to make this work. Please don't ask how I lost them, I have no clue. I thought I was being very careful.

Friday night Dean & I had dinner at The Chimes. I love love love The Chimes but once LSU is back in session there's no going there without a really long wait. It's practically on campus. We really enjoyed it. When we got home my new lights had been delivered! I was excited, yet a little nervous. I was really hoping they were what I wanted this time. I knew they weren't going to be so willing to give me return shipping again. No need to worry, I love them!

Saturday, Dean & I were watching our Godchild Lane. We had big plans. It was a beautiful day & we would spend it in the pool. Only one problem. Lane wanted nothing to do with the pool. This is what he wanted to do.

WATCH MOVIES!!! Not good ones either. There was no Toy Story or Princess and the Frog. It was Batman & Justice League. Blech!! I read while he watched these wretched movies. It was pretty funny watching him. When he would start to get sleepy he'd switch positions. This was one of his favorite spots.

I could hear my mom's voice in my head saying that was too close to the TV. HAHAHA!! Needless to say it wasn't a real exciting afternoon!

Speaking of reading, this finally came!

I was very excited! I'd ordered the case & light from eBay & it came in Friday so I was just waiting on the Nook. If anyone's in the market for Nook accessories I highly recommend eBay. The light & case were $17.99 & free shipping. They have the cases in all colors but of course I went with pink. I've been playing with it & I've downloaded & started reading a book. So far it's great!

Our friends that live next door came over Saturday evening to eat. Dean did BBQ ribs & they were soooooo good!! I'm not a big rib eater but these were delicious!!

Back to those best laid plans....Sunday after Mass we made a quick trip to Lowe's to get a few things we needed to hang my new lights. Of course I make things difficult by buying lights that have a different base than what we had before. This meant caulking, sanding & painting before installation. No biggie though. After all, we've changed out practically all the lights in the house, we know what we're doing. Yes, well, we know what we're doing but that doesn't mean a whole lot. We finished all the caulking & painting & everything was in the process of drying when Dean left for our Homeowners Association meeting. I was planning to go but I had a headache & it was way too hot for me to go sit outside. Our subd. is having a big debate over batting cages in peoples yards. When I say "our subd.", I mean one lady is aggravated that her neighbor has one. 2 Hours later Dean came home muttering about how that was 2 hours of his life he wouldn't get back. Apparently, the only thing that was decided was that nothing was going to be decided. Good grief. Oh & homeowners dues are going up. Just what I wanted to hear.

So, Dean's home & it's time to hang lights! Well, the screws the light manufacturer provided are too long so the base doesn't sit flush against the wall. Dean has a ridiculous amount of screws & nails but of course none of what would actually work. Isn't that always the case?? It's 6:00 & neither of us are interested in making another trip to Lowe's. What did we do? Took the lamp out of the guest bedroom & used it in the bathroom & I went to Lowe's at lunch today & got what we needed. We think.... Hopefully, we will get everything hung this evening.

OH & I just remembered that with all the light commotion we forgot to order an ice maker. Something else to add to the to do list.



  1. I hope you love your Nook. I have a Kindle that I have had about a month and it is fabulous!

    I do love that house that you saw on my blog but it is too high. I wish they would deal. Maybe we will try when I get down there. Will you send me your email so I can respond to your comments? Thanks.

  2. GOOD GRIEF! I'm tried just from reading about all of your runnin around. :)

  3. Boy! You've been busy, Traci. I am glad we don't have a Homeowner's Association here. No, I never found out what made the sirens go at Marriott. I didn't care to ask, I just wanted to put my mom back to bed and go to bed myself....Christine