Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everyone Can Relax!

The authorities were able to talk down the naked man that was on a bridge yesterday threatening to commit suicide. 

(photo courtesy of one of the fine photographers at The Advocate)

I have so many questions/comments about this. I guess first & foremost is why exactly did this guy feel the need to kill himself naked? I jsut can't figure it out. What was said to him that made him decide he didn't want to die? The answers to those questions were not released to the public. Um, ok. The guy can expose himself for the public but no info will be released except that he's 65 yrs. old which is the one tidbit I'm least interested in. Why didn't someone cover him up once he got off the bridge?? There's bound to be a blanket in that fire truck or one of those police cars. Just a really strange situation.

The last couple of days has been cool. When I say cool I mean it's 89 at 5:00 with no humidity so it actually feels like it's 89 & not 115.  I decided to take advantage of the nice weather & pull weeds. I was out there for 20 whole minutes before I started to sweat! It was almost pleasant!! I wonder if it has anything to do with Mercury being in Retrograde??

This is what we're having to eat tonight.

We've had these before & they're really good. Just thaw it out in the refrigerator during the day & put it in the oven. Really simple, right? Yeh, those of you who know me know where I'm going with this. Last night Dean said that he was going to cut the grass today so he would preheat the oven before starting & when I got home I could put it in the oven & set the timer. I'm perfectly capable of handling that. So, when I got home the oven was preheated & I stuck the pie in & set the timer for 20 minutes. Then I went to pull weeds. After I was out there about 15 minutes Dean asked me if I'd remember to put the pie in the oven & set the timer. I mentioned something about having it set for 20 mins. Judging by his response, that wasn't correct. I came in & read the box & it needed to bake for an hour. There's some debate as to how last nights conversation went. I know he told me to set the timer for 20 minutes & he knows that he did not tell me any such thing. 


  1. OMG, I can't believe you posted a picture of that weird guy, lol.They really should have covered him up. I betcha all he wanted was attention and he got it alright. I have tried that crawfish pie, it's pretty good!...Christine

  2. All I can say is WOW!!!! Too funny :)

  3. It's so sad! I guess we will never know what they are going through when they reach such a low! I lost a good friend of mine a few years back, he parked his car on the bridge and jumped. Left three precious little ones behind.
    On a much brighter note, Go Snoop :)

  4. Oh man....I bet he’s going to look back at that day and wonder the same things. Maybe he was just too hot! I hope he put some sun screen on before he took his clothes off...oh wait I guess he didn’t care about getting skin cancer. Okay I’ll stop. It’s not nice to joke about someone must of had a really bad day.

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"