Monday, February 15, 2010

It Didn't Snow!

That was one less thing to deal with today. I never thought I'd say I was glad for no snow but I had to go to work & if I can't play in it, it doesn't need to happen. It did storm last night though.

Tonight they say it's going to be 29. Ridiculous. Instead of complaining about the weather which I can't do a thing about I'm going to think about the summer. In the last post I mentioned that I bought an umbrella base for the patio & that I wanted a red umbrella. I checked out Sam's website & believe it or not they have the red umbrella!!! WOOO HOOO!!! I was scared about the shipping cost though. Something big & awkward like a 10' market umbrella can't possibly be cheap to ship. I was wrong! It's only $5.99. How can this be? I've ordered clothes & all sorts of random things nowhere near as heavy or awkward as the umbrella & paid more than $5.99. I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough. I was so scared they were going to sell out. So, in 3-8 business days I should be the proud owner of a bright red umbrella AND it's going to be delivered to my door by UPS! I love love love getting mail. Not bills but packages, letters, cards, checks, just about anything that doesn't require me to write a check I love, but the one thing I love even more is getting something from UPS or FedEx!!! I know it's stupid but I love it! Now I have something to look forward to.

Mr. Andrew was able to go home from the hospital today. I know he was very excited about that & we're excited that he's doing so well!

Other than that there isn't much going on.


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